5 Benefits of Buying a Laptop On EMI

Getting a laptop on EMI has many advantages that you typically can’t expect when making an upfront payment to get a new laptop. In this article, we are going to look at 5 distinct benefits that you can expect when you buy laptop on EMI.

Taking Advantage of Zero Down Payment Schemes

All those zero-down payment advertisements that you may have come across when taking a stroll down the neighborhood market displaying no cost EMI mobiles must have saved a significant amount of money for people who chose to get those rather than paying from their own pocket. So, in case you want to make a smarter choice and save money, then you can hugely benefit from these schemes. All you need to do is walk into the nearby store running the scheme, fill out a simple KYC form, and you can walk home with a brand-new laptop without spending a penny from your pocket.

Zero Percent Interest

Some people are apprehensive about taking out a loan thinking that they will end up paying a higher amount for the same product due to the interest rates they have to pay on the loan. However, the market is flooded with 0% interest schemes that don’t require you to pay anything additional apart from the actual price of the product. This is a huge benefit for customers who want to buy laptop on EMI but were holding back due to higher interest rates.

Simple Application Process

The process of applying for a loan has become a lot simpler these days. There are no complicated documents to fill in or extensive paperwork to complete before a loan can be processed. Just a few simple documents like ID proof, and address proof apart from a good credit score is all that is required to qualify for a loan.

Qualify for Higher Loan Amount

When you buy laptop on EMI, you may qualify for a higher loan amount which means that you can buy a better product with higher hardware and software specifications. Whereas, if you were to make a purchase using your money, you may or may not be able to upgrade to the latest model or one with better specs due to budget constraints which is not the case whenever you take out a loan.

Comfortable Repayment Periods 

Depending on your repaying capacity, you can opt-in for a repayment period that does not put much pressure on your wallet. Due to the proliferation of multiple loan providers in the market these days, you can get repayment tenures lasting between a few days to years. Therefore, you have multiple options when it comes to taking out a loan with your preferred repayment cycle.

As you can see the benefits are many when you buy laptop on EMI compared to spending your hard-earned money on getting that latest piece of hardware. Moreover, with the market becoming more consumer-centric over the last couple of years; the consumer is king when it comes to deciding what’s best for them.

So, the next time you are in the market, do check the EMI options that are available before you decide to open your wallet as that could save you a significant amount of money which you can spend on better things, like making an investment!

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