5 Premium American International Schools in Riyadh

Life as an ex-pat in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital city, can be a culture shock to some. While the overall quality of life is excellent, some aspects are very different from other parts of the world. Gender segregation will be part and parcel of your day, and you will mostly live in the bubble of your compound with other ex-pats. Saudi Arabian schools teach exclusively through Arabic and do not admit non-citizens. Therefore, an international school may be the only realistic option for educating your child in Riyadh. The Riyadh school fees are generally pretty high for international schools. Some of the premium American international school in Riyadh are listed below:

Top American International Schools in Riyadh

Delta school:

Admission process- A new student will be subject to an entrance exam for evaluation purposes and based on the results, the schools will decide. The school may accept students without any condition if they pass the evaluation. The school may take the student with a condition (in case of failure or low marks), and based on the evaluation result, the school will provide an educational plan to improve the student level. The parent is responsible for following the school requirements and suggestions to determine the following year’s continuation.

Annual fees- SAR 18500-28500

Al Forsan International School:

Curriculum- Al Forsan International schools are for children aged 3-18. The language of instruction is English, and the school strictly follows the American curriculum. 

Admission process- a new student must apply online on their given site. They are required to sit for an exam, ultimately deciding whether they have gotten into the school or not. 

Annual fees- SAR 21000-30000

American International School:

Curriculum- AIS-R’s curriculum is modeled on AERO, Common Core, National Association Standards, and the IB Diploma program. Instruction in all areas encourages students to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively, and learn continuously. English, science, math, and social studies form the core academic areas at all grade levels. Instructional objectives are clearly defined, but academic expectations are flexible enough to support and challenge all students.

The school also offers an English Language Learners program to qualifying students in grades 1-8 but does not offer special needs or gifted programming. With campus-wide high-speed wireless connectivity, technology is integrated throughout the educational program. The 1: World program requires students to bring their iPad (grades 3-7) or laptops (grades 8-12) to support modern skills and learning. The school also provides five iPads per classroom from KG2 to grade 2.

Admission process- AIS-R admission testing must be conducted on-site for all students applying for acceptance into PreK, KG1, KG2, Grade 1, or Grade 2. For students applying for approval into Grade 3 to Grade 12, AIS-R admissions testing will be conducted on-site or at a remote location. Admissions assessment results are not shared with families.

Annual fees- SAR 50000-95000

Creative Stars International School:

Curriculum- At Creative Stars International School, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, using an educational program based on an American Curriculum. However, many of our teachers are Montessori trained and incorporate certain aspects of the Montessori method in our teaching as well. Our school has a stimulating and nurturing environment, which helps the children develop into confident and independent learners. They are also taught practical life exercises that encourage independence.

Admission process- the admission process starts online by filling up the form. You get a temporary admission number, and the admission result is out within 48 hours. 

Annual fee- SAR 30000-40000

Dome International School:

Admission process- The student must visit their website and fill out the form. The form filling is followed by a school interview, which can be followed by paying the fees and submitting the required documents once cleared up.

Annual fee- SAR 24000-40000

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