5 warning signs that indicate over usage of heavy equipment

Heavy equipment in the construction industry works like your helping hand. It makes your job easier and faster like no human can do. In return what do you do to them? Do you keep them preserved as they deserve? Well, some of the construction contractors become a little cruel in this regard. They put an overburden on the machine and as consequence, lost productivity over time. 

Do you know, that the machine itself shows a warning sign when it is being overused? All you have to do is just pay an attention to them so that you may not lose the power and productivity of your worksite friend. Furthermore, the overuse of equipment can cause downtime and idling whereas the maintenance cost can put a heavy burden on your budget and project deadline.

In this article, we have collected some useful warning signs that your machine shows when you overuse them. You can know about them and limit their uses as per the machine’s OEM guide. 

  1. Warning lights turn on

Warning lights are installed in every landscaping equipment for sale. Whenever any problem is detected due to overuse, the machine automatically turns on the warning lamination light. You must be attentive immediately and try to fix the problem. The indication is to keep you aware before anything bad happens. 

  1. Equipment breakdown

When you overuse the machine, it breaks down often. It is not a good sign as the over usage may cause you to pay way lot of money on unplanned downtime and maintenance. If the machine is regularly maintained and serviced, the breakdown is not seen frequently. Hence, breaking down equipment is an important warning sign that you should not neglect.

  1. Low level of fluid

When the equipment is showing an indication of a low level of fluid, it means your equipment has reached the maximum level of usage. To avoid this situation, you need to check the engine and hydraulics fluid level checked regularly.

  1. Change in exhaust color

The exhaust of the machine is a clear indication of its over-usage. It must be clear and colorless. When it is used over the suggested time of the machine, then it starts becoming visible which clearly tells you that your machine is not in good health. You must check and replace it before you get in financial trouble. Whereas the proper and on-time maintenance will save you going out of the way from the planned budget.

  1. Weird Noises

When unusual noises start arising from the machine, it indicates that your machine’s engine is working beyond its capacity. You should pay close attention to it. When you hear some unusual sounds, you should stop using them. Send the machine to the maintenance and prepare your landscaping equipment for sale.

Bottom Line

The heavy equipment is designed to help the construction worker to make their work easier and faster. But when they are overused, they become unhealthy and damaged. To keep them working for a long time, proper maintenance is necessary. However, some warning signs indicate the bad health of your equipment. In this article, we have collected some most common warning signs that show the over usage of your equipment.

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