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All You Need To Learn About The FUE Hairline Lowering Transplant

People who undergo a hairline lowering surgery often complain about having a high hairline. This is particularly the size of the forehead that is wide with a huge difference between brows and hairline. This cosmetic issue could be a prominent source of frustration among folks. Well, a wide forehead can create an appearance of frontal baldness. Thankfully, a skilled surgeon can perform FUE hairline lowering surgery to correct this flaw. It is a procedure to lower the hairline to attain a balanced facial proportion.

What does hairline lowering involve?

This is an advanced surgical treatment that can uplift the appearance of your face. This procedure can be performed in two prominent ways, such as forehead reduction or FUE hair grafting. During your initial discussion with the surgeon, you can discuss the important things. This would cover the evaluation of hair loss at the frontal hairline, scalp laxity, and differences in brows and hairline. Your physical features will also be considered in the decision-making process.

The procedure

If you opt for forehead reduction, your hairline will be brought lower by an inch. For this procedure, you must have a flexible scalp that can be lower easily. So, the surgeon would cut a portion of your forehead with surgical equipment. The scalp will be brought forward to suture with the forehead skin.

Another solution is FUE hairline lowering which is considered the best one too. It involves follicular units harvesting from the back and sides of the head, which are known as donor regions. The units will be mined and then will be implanted in the frontal hairline. This would create a new hairline closer to your eyebrows. These grafts would take 9-12 months to grow to create a natural appearance. Thus, you will be able to get rid of a wide forehead, and it will also improve your facial shape and features.

Benefits of hairline lowering

High hairline could be the result of genetics, consistent tension, and medications. However, men and women of any age and race can experience this hair loss. But, an act of surgical hair transplant using FUE can remove this skin flaw. It can also bring several benefits.

1. Younger looks

By implanting the right number of hairs into the frontal hairline, you can get younger looks. The hairs that seem fuller after proper growth can alleviate the unusual look on your face. Thus, it would boost your personality and confidence as well.

2. Balanced facial features

A high hairline would not be suitable for your facial features. So, when it is fixed with FUE hairline lowering, you can visibly notice balanced facial proportion. The lower hairline would complement your facial symmetry and also suits features like the nose, forehead, and eyes.

3. Good for transgenders

This surgery can also help to improve your looks after male to female transition. You can get a lower hairline that will create a natural feminine look. This would again boost your personality and self-esteem.

To sum up

It is needless to say that FUE hairline lowering is no less than a boon for people with a high hairline. This surgical treatment is suitable for men and women to embrace their unique hairstyles. The recovery from this treatment is also quick and you can see visible results with fuller growth of natural hairs. Well, it is important to see a professional hair surgeon to attain superior results. The procedure requires utmost accuracy and perfection.

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