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Buy Best Blood Pressure Monitors in Pakistan 2022 Yuwell

Blood Pressure Monitors in Pakistan

Several Blood Pressure Monitors in Pakistan brands are available in the market today. These brands have different designs and functions to meet the requirements of various target markets. Hence, you can buy the best blood pressure monitor in Pakistan according to your need and usage. Some of the well-known brands in the industry include Beurer, iHealth, Sensor, Sinbo, and Braun. Each of these manufacturers serves different corners of the globe.

Omron Platinum

If you’re looking for a new Blood Pressure Monitor in Pakistan, the Omron Platinum blood pressure monitor is a great choice. It features a large cuff that can detect irregular heartbeats. It has a memory for 200 readings per user and comes with a mobile app, which is helpful when you’re on the go. Unlike other blood pressure monitors, you can also use the Omron Connect app to store and view your readings on your mobile device. You can also sync your Omron Platinum with Amazon Alexa.


Among its other features, the Yuwell Platinum has a heart-health algorithm, which helps it identify whether your Blood Pressure Monitors in Pakistan are healthy or high. This feature is not perfect, however. It does not display readings very clearly and can be easily distorted by movement. We’d recommend this monitor for routine blood pressure monitoring, but there are other options out there that offer a better experience. We’ve reviewed some different models and can’t recommend them all.

Withings BPM Connect

The Withings BPM Connect is a portable blood pressure monitor with many benefits over its predecessor, including improved battery life, wireless connectivity, and the ability to automatically import your readings into Apple Health and the Withings Health Mate app. The sleek design of the BPM Connect is made from fabric rather than metal and features a large LED display for easy readings. It comes with a rechargeable battery and is compatible with the iPhone and Android operating systems. Its battery life can last up to six months, and its data is immediately available through the Withings Health Mate app.

When shopping for blood pressure monitors in Pakistan, consider the brand. You’ll find several different brands of these devices, all aiming to satisfy the needs of their target market. Choose the brand that suits your lifestyle and budget to get the best deal. Braun, iHealth, and Withings make Pakistan’s best-selling Blood Pressure Monitors. Depending on the brand, expect to pay anywhere from 2,500 to 10,000 PKR.

Blood Pressure Monitors in Pakistan

LifeSource by A&D Medical

LifeSource by A&D Medical makes several blood pressure monitors, including wrist and finger-level devices. These monitors also come with thermometers, pulse oximeters, and body scales. There is no Better Business Bureau page for LifeSource, but their products have received an average rating of four stars on Amazon. Customers are pleased with these devices’ ease of use and memory function.

LifeSource blood pressure monitors have been clinically validated to ensure accurate readings. These devices also detect pulse and irregular heartbeat and classify blood pressure according to medical standards. They have a 5-year warranty and a two-year cuff warranty. Blood Pressure Monitors in Pakistan are sold through authorized retailers in Pakistan, and if you are unhappy with the results, you can always return them within a year for a full refund.

Withings BM67

The Withings BM67 blood pressure monitor is an automatic device that measures your blood pressure. This device has a cuff that fits most upper arm circumferences, ranging from eight to seventeen inches. It also synchronizes with your smartphone through Bluetooth. The monitor notifies you of any irregularities in your heart rhythm. You can also check your blood pressure at home by connecting the device to your smartphone.

The Withings BPM Connect features a built-in helpful stethoscope when treating patients. The ECG display and the built-in stethoscope make this monitor stand out from the crowd. While it is an expensive blood pressure monitor, the stethoscope is very fiddly and can put tension on the upper body. As such, it is not recommended for everyone.

Greater Goods BP Monitor

The Greater Goods BP Monitor in Pakistan is a popular home blood pressure monitoring option. This model features a large, backlit display and can measure blood pressure in two people. This device does not have much memory; however, only 60 records for two users. Another top-rated brand is LifeSource, which offers a large selection of cuff sizes, including a large one for big arms. Finding the right cuff is crucial for accurate readings.

In Pakistan, blood pressure monitoring machines are widely used in hospitals and homes. It is common for citizens to buy and keep one at home for easy access. Patients prone to heart problems and diabetes need to check their blood pressure regularly. Alternatively, they can call their physician for a consultation. The Greater Goods BP Monitor in Pakistan 2022 will likely cost approximately Rs.4,000.

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