Buying Bitcoin – A Beginner’s Guide

The subject of this article is buying Bitcoin . If you are a novice investor looking to buy Bitcoin, then this article is just for you. We will guide you through the step-by-step process of getting beginner bit money.
This guide is divided into four clear sections. We first go through the things you need to think about before making an investment decision. After this, the actual purchase procedure is also reviewed. We’ll also talk about different options for how different ways to invest today are possible with Meme Tokens

What should an investor do after a purchase? You can also get instructions here.
Buying Bitcoin – Consider These Things
Buying Bitcoin is now an easy and quick process. You can purchase securely from a domestic Bitcoin marketplace . Opening an account is a free and fast process. Your identity is easily verified with bank IDs. You can then make a deposit with either a debit card or a SEPA bank transfer. Turning euros into bitcoins is a few clicks away!

If you know how to use online banking, you can also get bitcoins. It’s that easy these days. However, a novice investor should consider things other than the mere process of buying Bitcoin. Let’s go through a couple of important points next.

Bitcoin has only been traded for more than ten years. It has been possible to invest in shares for hundreds of years, and gold has been acquired for thousands of years. The young age of the Bitcoin market means that there is no control like the stock market. It is also easier to move around a small market. by whales. This leads to high volatility. The course can move tens of percent in one hour.

It is also important to ask: why do you want to buy bitcoins? Do you just want to speculate on a price increase or do you want an investment outside the banking system? Many buy bitcoins for the same reason as physical gold, a security against a possible financial crisis.

The video below is from the Bitcoin Center’s Youtube channel . It will be published in the spring of 2020. There you will find a lot of useful material related to Bitcoin.
This also makes for a donkey bridge for learning. If you want to be a successful Bitcoin investor, we strongly encourage you to study your investment as much as possible. The less you know about Bitcoin, the more likely you are to panic in the first drop in price and sell your investment at a loss.

The world of cryptocurrencies is full of news meant just to shake the so-called weak hands and intimidate amateur investors to sell their holdings. A successful Bitcoin investor needs iron nerves.

So before you buy, you need to know what kind of water you are dipping your toes into. The better prepared you are, the better results you will get from your Bitcoin investment! One good page is the Bitcoin Center Start Here , where we have collected links to key articles.

Also remember the Bitcoin wallet! If you want to keep your bit money as secure as possible, you also need to have your own Bitcoin wallet. There are dozens of different options on the market. You can find out more at this link .
Let’s move on to the practice, ie how to buy Bitcoin? First and foremost, keep in mind that Bitcoin is a completely digital currency. Banking is also largely online today, and cash is not even available in many branches. The euro still exists in the form of banknotes and coins, if the situation so requires. In Bitcoin, this option never exists.

Because it is a digital currency, purchases are made online. In practice, the purchase of bitcoin is carried out at a specialist marketplace. Such online services can now also be found in Finland – the best known is Coinmotion Oy. You can check out the service here .

Coinmotion Oy is the leading cryptocurrency buying, selling and custody service in the Nordic countries. This is a Finnish company, so the website works in Finnish, including customer service. You can also verify your account with your bank ID.

Bitcoin is therefore also suitable for small investors who want to make only a couple of dozen purchases. Even a small slice of one bitcoin can be worth thousands of euros in 10 years!

You’ll also find a step-by-step guide to opening a Coinmotion account and buying bitcoins step-by-step through the Bitcoin Center. Read more in this article: Coinmotion Review and Experiences .

Buying Bitcoin in Different Ways
The cryptocurrency market has developed tremendously since the 2017 boom. At that time, Coinmotion, for example, did not have currencies other than Bitcoin, but there are now several alternative currencies, altcoins.

The purchase of traditional Bitcoin has now given way to completely new ways to invest in bit money. More and more hedge funds have entered the industry, as well as other professionals for whom the value of Bitcoin is just one speculation among thousands of other sets. These parties also do not want the hassle of conserving bitcoins.

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