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Cairn Terrier – friendly terrier from the rugged mountains of Scotland

The Scots have a heart for terriers and, among other breeds, also bred the Cairn Terrier. The dog should be versatile, attentive, dog parasites treatment courageous and yet friendly to his own family. The fluffy Bulkhead meets all these requirements and convinces with a successful mixture of hardness and attachment. The Cairn Terrier is a good choice for families who want “a lot of dog” at a small size.

A terrier with the great will to please

A harsh climate determines life in the Scottish Highlands. Already in the Middle Ages, dogs supported people in hunting, kept the farm free of rats and foxes and reported strangers and visitors at an early stage. The Cairn Terrier comes from the Highlands and has adapted to a frugal life with long, active days. These terriers were and are valued and beloved family members who take on a fixed role and task on a farm. In Great Britain, the breed is now often kept as a family dog.

The character of the Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is a “tough dog” in the truest sense of the word. He bravely faces all dangers, be it marten, fox or rat. This terrier does not know fear – accordingly, he is very independent and decisive. In everyday life, this can certainly lead to the companion dog taking decisions away from its owner. Compared to other terrier breeds, however, the Cairn Terrier is quite moderate and easy to educate. His close ties to his family and his willingness to cooperate are firmly anchored in his legacy. He loves to spend time with his people – be it games, long tours through nature or cozy on the sofa.

Education and attitude of the Cairn Terrier

Because the Cairn Terrier has quite short legs, he should not climb stairs or jump down from heights such as the couch in the first months of life. apart from that, like most small dogs, it is precocious and quickly develops a noticeable self-will. He needs clear rules and consistent leadership right from the start. Many Cairns like to dig and are true breakout artists. Therefore, make your garden dog-proof!

Typical terrier, the Cairn also has a clear hunting instinct. But since it is also equipped with a rich portion of Will to please, it can be worked on well. Make sure from the beginning that he has no hunting success. A tow line is a valuable help with freewheeling in the first few months. Only when the recall is reliable, it is time for your four-legged friend to explore the world without security. With racing, tugging and prey games, you give your dog a suitable substitute for hunting and at the same time strengthen your bond with each other.

Care of the Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terriers have a rough but not shaggy coat. If they are brushed regularly, they hardly lose hair. Your trim coat must be professionally trimmed by hand about three to four times a year. It must not be sheared! You should check your ears, eyes and claws at least once a week. These sympathetic small dogs can live up to 17 years.

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