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The internet is a wide and always changing place, and Amazon has become one of the most popular platforms for shopping since the increase in popularity in 2014. Nearly 62% of US buyers who have access to use it at least monthly will shop at Amazon.

The key to selling goods on Amazon is a beautiful and high-quality product photography. Not to mention, more than 53% of buyers recognize product photography play a big role in making their purchasing decisions. Conversely, products with bad photos are not sold either, and it is almost guaranteed that the buyer will leave negative feedback if you use it for your list.

So how can you avoid all the hassles of bad product photos WPC2029? That’s simple! We have all the Amazon In-House product photography experts to make a simple checklist that you can follow to optimize your product photography for success at Amazon.

Part 1

Check list of all guidelines set by Amazon for product drawings:

Amazon has a strict guideline for its product list, including product photos. This guideline applies wherever you sell on Amazon because they want to maintain their platform quality standards. Be sure to follow their standards so that your image appears correctly in search results while also maintaining the optimal quality of your product list.

Permitted image formats:


Permitted image dimensions:

Height or width 1000 px.

Allowed color mode:


The file name format is permitted:

Identifying products before a period and file extension.

Prohibited practice:

Illustration and offensive content.

Part 2

Main Image Optimization Check List:

Your main picture is what will attract the attention of potential buyers and make them want to click on your list. If you have a boring and generic hero photo shoot, it doesn’t matter how good everything is because someone with a better visual might steal the attention of your potential customers first!

Perfect lighting:

Lighting must be perfect. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that there is more than one way to turn on a product, and this is a challenge even if you know what you are doing. Appropriate equipment and settings can make all the differences in making quality product photos that will be sold in Amazon.

Corner Photo:

You can take photos from a more attractive angle than your competitors with just a few adjustments to the camera. Take time and explore all sides of what you shoot. Be sure to have at least 4 high -quality shots available and try to run a split test to find the best for your main image.

Split Test:

To find out how to get more click on your main image, you must run several split tests. This not only has a significant impact on the traffic of the user, but will also ensure that it does not interfere with the indexing of keywords or ranking of your Amazon ad list.

Employ the right product photographer:

The final step in making a high -quality Amazon list is to touch it by experienced product photographers. This will help eliminate any imperfection and give you that professional excellence. An expert will know when to add some shadows or reflection and color to fix images so that your potential customers can be involved.

Part 3

Check List of Additional Image Optimization:

Additional images of many types, and to make sure you get a high level of conversion, the best is to have one of each type in your Amazon list.

Lifestyle Product Image:

A great lifestyle photo shows the final user enjoying the product and its benefits. The closer to your target audience and the needs of their models, the more they can be related to what if they can experience it benefit themselves. Quality lifestyle shots must have your ideal client members because you try to convey how easy or easy your product is.


This is a type of product image that is very simple and general. It highlights the product features that are paired with a brief statement about each feature to attract potential customers who may not be interested in reading the product description to check what is offered by showing off all the benefits there at first sight.

Comparison Product Image:

It might be difficult to highlight how your product is better than competition. This type of product image allows you to do that in an ethical way.

Product instruction image:

Product installation is a process that often requires a lot of details to be ironed before it can be started. This includes discussing the best way to install your product and what conditions are needed for successful functions and clarifying every potential problem with the installation or abuse of the item itself. This type of product image serves this purpose.

Product packaging image:

This type of product image shows the product in the packaging, so customers know exactly what they will receive after they click the buy button.

Multiple usage image:

You must remember that customers are more willing to buy products with versatile uses. This type of product image shows how it can benefit your customer’s lives in more than one way, with creative uses and the ideas of the product itself.

Product scale image:

One of the most common problems faced by the seller when it comes to ecommerce is that customers cannot see, touch, and feel your product before they buy. Customers often buy goods based on photos without reading details about them, which means you have to understand.

It is important to always provide a scale in the picture. Customers don’t know how much your product is actually, so show it! You can also use this picture as an opportunity to call the benefits of certain products.


So, what can you bring home? Whether you are just starting on Amazon or you are an experienced seller, following this guideline for your product image is the key to success. By taking the time to photograph your product according to Amazon specifications and optimize it for search engines, you can increase traffic and sales. If you need help to start or want others to take care of all your product photography needs, contact us. Our team has many years of Amazon product photography experience and can make your list of looking for the best.

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