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Do you need pest control all year round?

So, while there is no right or wrong answer to this often-asked question, there are some recurring patterns. Let’s look at what kind of pests and issues you can expect to deal with throughout the year.

Wintertime (January-February)

Winter is the busiest time for rodents, particularly in the attic. This is because new rodent litters are entirely developed when winter rolls around. You are undoubtedly aware that the most typical attic robber in Toronto are roof rats. Roof rats have likely entered your home if you notice a pitter-pattering sound in your ceiling. The stink and noise will worsen as more rats invade your attic and other parts of your house. Urine and rat waste are also apparent.

The rats battle for control of the situation when things get out of hand by being more active and making more aggressive sounds. Rats will nibble on whatever they can get their teeth on, including walls, clothes, wires, and furniture. They will also scavenge your home for food to feed their offspring.

Autumn (March-May)

Like us, the insect population sees spring as a new beginning. Rodents and insects will enter your house looking for food, including any rubbish you’ve left lying about. Everything was left on the kitchen island, including snack bags, toaster crumbs, and juice bottles. You should be aware that rodents are not limited to rats and mice. You can get rid of mice by one call away to mice exterminator Toronto. By the time spring arrives, the squirrels in your neighborhood will have most likely built a nest inside the walls or attic of your house and given birth to their young. Because of the scratching noises and bite marks on the walls and baseboards, you can tell they are there.

You may expect to observe a range of ants and silverfish. Toronto is home to the infamous cockroach, which is common in the kitchen or bathroom. Because they are looking for food and water, one roach might multiply to a thousand. Don’t wait; contact a Toronto pest control company immediately.

Fleas are tenacious bugs that can enter your home on everything from your children’s toys to your dogs’ toys and clothing. The fleas have started to come out of their winter tunnels and are now active outside. More animals scavenging for food implies more flea victims.

The ant population will grow as workers depart the nest to find food and create new colonies. This time of year, there are usually a few fresh fire ant mounds in your yard.

Summertime (June-August)

The most prevalent type of wasp in Toronto is the paper wasp, and late May is when it reaches its peak number. Queens on their own are actively searching or making paper discs with several cones. They are frequently found in sheds, detached garages, and under the eaves of houses. In the summer, hornets and yellow jackets are also probable. Their numbers ought to be larger at the start of the summer if they did well throughout the winter. Yellowjackets may be highly violent to protect their food supply.

Ant populations of all kinds frequently reach their peak in June and July. They could visit your home more frequently if there is more food available. The annoyance factor of fire ants will rise as their number grows. Wait until late spring, when the new colonies are smaller and easier to control, if you want to take a significant swipe at fire ants.

Additionally, this is the optimum time of year for new infestations, especially for the American, German, and Asian species of cockroaches. Though there are hundreds of different species in Toronto, so don’t be surprised if you see three or four more. Roaches are known to be attracted to garbage or food odors. Due to the warm weather, the increased cookouts and the stink emanating from the garbage cans attract roaches.

Late summer (September-October)

Toronto has a significant cricket invasion in the late summer, along with the arrival of numerous wasps and spiders. You can hear the ground crunching beneath your feet every time you go outdoors. If you have never seen the cricket invasion, you are either incredibly unlucky or relatively new to Toronto.

The cricket invasion keeps them busy because it’s like a Golden Corral for spiders. There will be more spiders hunting for a companion in the area. Brown recluses and black widows should be avoided since the females carrying eggs are quite deadly.

Another issue is the annoying cicadas. These insects are mild, but social wasps like yellow jackets and hornets are aggressive. They also support the survival of cicada-eating wasps. However, they burrow tunnels into your yard. They could harm your grass.

Early winter (November-December)

In the waning days of summer, rodents and scavengers like raccoons have fewer and fewer food options. As winter approaches, rats look for warm, dry places to spend the season. When raccoons are discovered in the attics of homes, homeowners can call a pest control company like raccoon removal Toronto to get rid of the animals.


For pest control professionals in Toronto, some insects and rodents pose a year-round issue. In Toronto, termites and bedbugs are perennial issues. Bed bugs sucker you dry of blood while termites eat your house to the ground. The discovery and eradication of these and other pests will be aided by utilizing one of our regularly scheduled pest control treatment programs in Toronto.

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