Dubai Evening Desert Safari

If you are on vacation in Dubai and want to experience Emirati culture, you must take a desert trip. From dunes to quad bikes, star camping and hot air balloons, the desert trip to Dubai provides the adrenaline pump you need. “What is the best desert safari in Dubai?” The answer to the question in the chorus is “Dubai Evening Desert Safari“.

Why Evening Desert Safari attracts so many tourists?

Entering the desert of Dubai at sunset involves a form of magic that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. The afternoon/evening safari is a fun place whether you are on vacation with family or on a short business trip full of morning conferences.

If you want to take the best desert safari in Dubai online, your search will undoubtedly lead you to Desert Safari adventure tours, Dubai is a respected Trip advisor tour operator and known for caring for tourists registering their place for the best desert tour in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari and sand boarding

This safari is a must for all tourists visiting the UAE who want to reminisce about their memories to share with their family and friends. Desert Safari Tours, Dubai is the industry’s most reliable long-term operator to bring you this experience.

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai – Schedule

Booking an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai for a buffet dinner and belly dance will probably be the most enjoyable experience of your vacation. There’s more experience to look forward to: henna tattoo parlors, quad biking, nighttime stargazing and camel riding to name a few.

The tour starts with a licensed and experienced driver who will pick you up from your hotel/pre-booked place between 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM. With the Land Cruiser you are within minutes at the convention site. There are plenty of stops to snap photos of the hills, where the golden sands gradually turn pink under the evening sun.

In the desert, there are special stops at lookout points where you can watch the sunset over the dunes. This is also a good time for photos.

After a refreshing dip in mineral water, you can opt for a ride on a dune, a quad bike (optional) or a camel ride.

You can get into 4WD with the most exciting journey of your life. Experienced and licensed pilots break through the hills with their piloting skills, making it one of the most challenging deserts in Dubai. In this once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll be examined and thrown out for about 45 minutes.

Camel Ride in Desert

Exploring the desert sand dunes behind the camel tells you how the ancient Arabs lived their lives. This is also a chance to see the desert’s plants and animals in detail. 20-30 minute camel ride is a great time to click on the best desert scenes photos.

Driving ATV ATV / Dune Buggy (Optional)

This is an optional ride that can be detected by the adrenaline rush. You can learn to drive in an all-terrain vehicle that will take you straight across the dunes for 45 minutes. Completely safe and experienced passengers are ready to escort you upon request.

Sand Boarding

Just like skateboarding, sand boarding is a fun activity. You climb up the dunes and slide down on the sand board. This 45 minute activity is one you won’t want to stop.

This closes the list of evenings of the Evening Desert Safari Dubai. You will be taken to a Bedouin camp for all evening activities.

Exciting camel riding experience:

Activities in the camp area

Welcome to a camp with snacks such as sandwiches, cold drinks and Arabic coffee. This is followed by a spectacular buffet and local entertainment.

You can sit at your designated table all evening. You can also choose to wander around and participate in activities such as painting your hands with henna, bong or cute bong, or take a picture of yourself in an Arabian costume.

When you complete these tasks, you will be invited to a gourmet buffet of vegetarian and non-vegetarian desserts. You can eat whatever you want with an unlimited amount of local and international dishes.

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Just after dinner you can drive in the same car that you picked up in the afternoon. The 5-6 hour safari ends at 9pm. The same driver will take you back to the same place where you found it.

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