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Engagement Goes Both Ways

What’s the benefit of building a following via social media? To make them interact with you and eventually make purchases from you.

To reach the lucrative sales section, you must move on to the engagement phase. If you’re getting nothing except crickets in your blog posts, then it’s time to shake up your strategy.

The trick to getting people to comment, like, and share your content First, engage with them.

Expand the first olive branch. Ask questions, mention people who are part of your community you admire or share content with your buy facebook likes uk (with permission, of course). Be open and friendly. Social media is a term used to describe a reason.

Be sure to be genuinely engaged with people, and you’ll soon be receiving responses and interactions. Always respond to any direct messages or comments that individuals leave, even to thank them.

Furthermore, it is a fantastic way of branding your business simultaneously.

For Instance

An example of this is Glossier, the makeup brand that was founded on Instagram. Since its beginnings, the brand has been active with its followers in different ways, like asking what they want to see in their makeup. It’s as easy as that to ensure your followers feel valued and heard.

Use Hashtags

A simple one here hashtags. Hashtags have existed for a long time, and virtually every social media platform uses hashtags.

But are you brilliant in your hashtags? Have you used the same 30- hashtags on each Instagram post? When was the last time you did hashtag research, more than one year ago?

The hashtags are the engine that optimizes (SEO) for the world of social media. It is normal to change your strategy for keywords more frequently than every year, would you?

When it comes to hashtags, these are the methods to use:

Use different hashtag groups to use for different kinds of posts.

Let’s say you have three main categories you post content about: tutorials for your software-as-a-service product, office culture and funny memes. There should be hashtags for each of these content categories.

The number of users will be different for each platform. Some numbers are appropriate on Twitter or Facebook; however, you can have anywhere from 20-30 on Instagram.

You can save your hashtag lists to cut and paste them into subsequent posts.

Find new hashtags at a minimum each quarter.

Social media changes quickly. Perhaps a brand new, buzzing hashtag for your area was developed just a few days ago. Or older ones have lost their relevance. Try these things at least once per quarter:

Find hashtags already used to ensure the content being shared is relevant to your business and actively utilized by other people.

Find new hashtags that could be a good fit for your content. You can think of hashtags to type into or employ tools for researching hashtags such as

Analyze Your Analytics

Each social network comes with its reports on analytics (or for a more direct experience. It is possible to use an all-in-one application like Hootsuite.

Spend the time to read the reports each month and think about:

What is my most famous piece of a blog post? (Then create more of that.)

What are my primary demographics? (Age, location, gender, income if applicable, etc.)

Which of your posts had the most engagement in the last month? What did people find interesting? What could I do to replicate that?

What are the new people I’m following getting their followers? (Not all platforms offer this feature of tracking.)

What are your most significant changes or losses in followers? Did you write a controversial article and lose 2,000 followers within a day? Eek. It would help if you reconsidered that strategy next time. Perhaps, did you publish something impressive and then receive thousands of new followers? Determine what was successful and try it again.

The trick is to identify the factors driving your social media presence and have the evidence to prove that it’s growing. It’s not enough to watch your followers grow without knowing the types driving the increase. If you know the source of your growth, you can ramp it up.

Follow Your Competitors

There’s a place for all in social networks. Offer your competition a warm follow. It’s a great way to be aware of the activities of your competitors. It’s not to duplicate their style but to discern trends within the industry and the types of content people are reacting to.

You can take inspiration from the social strategies of your competitors and apply that knowledge to create your original content followerspro.

You can also be inspired by what competitors aren’t sharing.

For instance, social problems. If you observe that other people in your business don’t speak up on important social justice issues your company strongly believes in, Don’t sit around waiting to see if they’ll at some point or never. Take the lead and get it done.

One company that has been known for its activism over time has been Ben & Jerry’s. While others have also been accused of their social media posts that are performative acts, Ben & Jerry’s has made a real effort. One recent example is their limited edition 2020 Pecan Resist flavour. It promotes inclusion. The proceeds will be donated to various social justice causes throughout the U.S.

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