Exclusive gift options to surprise your partner. Amazing products just for your wife

If you want to send a surprise gift to your wife then this is the correct place. Thanks to the efforts of Oye Gifts, you can send amazing gift hampers to people across India. If you want to send gifts to Kanpur then there are a variety of options. Let us find some of the best options available for you to surprise her:

The tinge of redness

it is an awesome combination that enhances the glow of the face. They are the essentials that are needed in day-to-day life for skin care. The hamper contains some important products such as Lakme face wash, wild berry foam wash, a skin softener, A lip balm from Nivea, amazing shades of eyeshadow and deodorant from Benetton. Two aromatic candles also add to the gift. This is a perfect combination for surprising your wife.

A gift from Maybelline

it is a collection of some beauty products that are exclusively designed to enhance natural beauty. The gift hamper is a combination of 3 to 4 articles such as a compact powder, lipstick, a Kajal and a clear glow. These products are needed when the occasion is to get ready for some event. This small cute gift hampers from Maybelline is something that can surprise your wife.

This stylish collection of handbags

something that is a must for women to carry is a handbag. Different occasions need different size bags. While going to the market they need a big bag whereas events like evening parties demand carrying a small clutch. Keeping in mind the need there is a collection of three bags of various sizes which serve different purposes. This is a beautiful collection with you should definitely gift to your wife.

The delight of chocolate

this is a combination of a double-layered bamboo plant along with a chocolate cake which is coated by a layer of chocolates. The bamboo plant is said to spread positivity and lucky charm in the home where it is kept. This is an amazing surprise to give to your wife. She will relish the chocolate delicacies on the cake.

Chocolate along with the plant

this is a lucky bamboo plant whose pot is covered by kit kat chocolates. The chocolate is tied to the outer edge of the pot with the help of a white ribbon. It looks as if the pot is made up of kit kat. This is an amazing gift to surprise your wife.

The Syngonium plant

this is a beautiful plant which is said to be one of the best air purifiers. It is planted in a pot. It needs very less water and sunlight and is also an indoor plant. You can decorate your living room with this plant. Along with the plant, there is an idol of Lord Ganesh sitting on a raised platform. This is a sacred gift you can gift to your wife. There are different idols in different areas.

The ravishing gift

this is a delicious gift that you can give to your wife. The gift contains a big plate of sweet laddu made In desi ghee and decorated by Kaju on the top. There is also a big box which contains four compartments. Each compartment is filled with dry fruits of different varieties. also along with these, there is a bamboo plant placed in a glass pot. The complete gift is enough to surprise and make her happy. She will be glad to receive amazing sweets and dry fruits as a surprise.

There are many other gifts for you on the website. The delivery of the product will be made within hours of placing the order.

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