Facts About Astrology You Would Have Never Heard Of

We’ve all got that one thing we’re obsessively interested in. While the 9-11 conspiracy theory is popular, it’s not the only explanation. For starters, “if you’re so into astrology, guess my star sign; this is not how it works, as said by an astrologer in Varanasi.  Here are some fascinating facts about astrology that you may not have known. 

Presidents are obsessive users of astrology.

Here’s a tidbit for you, readers: Millennials aren’t the only ones who enjoy stargazing. New Yorker reports that Ronald Reagan “consulted with an astrologer before practically all of his key moves and decisions,” which included his re-election announcement in 1980. According to horoscopes, Theodore Roosevelt (26th president of the United States) was an avid astrologer.

Astrologers foretold the pandemic two years before its occurrence.

No one can forecast the future with certainty, but we are often left speechless when a prediction comes true. According to the astrologer in Nagpur, a “disturbance” in 2020 has been anticipated by astrologers worldwide. “I also predicted that many people residing abroad will return to India,” says astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji, the best Astrologer in Varanasi in an interview with IndiaExpress. “I anticipated worldwide job loss and an economic collapse for 2020.” Before the pandemic, I warned some of my customers that they might experience health issues.

Scorpios are often the leaders of the world.

In the Zodiac, scorpions are famed for their tenacity and ability to see the forest through the trees. Is this what it takes to be a global leader? According to an astrologer in Varanasi, that could be the case. According to Vocativ, a study of 190 world leaders found that people born under certain zodiac signs are more likely to hold high office. So, According to the Daily Mail, more than 11% of the world’s cabinet ministers are Scorpios, born between October and the middle of November. Hillary Clinton, Marie Antoinette, and Sun Yat-Sen, the “founder of modern China,” are all Scorpios, as is President Joe Biden. As for the following two zodiac signs, Leo and Sagittarius are also fiery.

Predicted Hitler’s destiny based on Hitler’s birth chart

Someone born on April 20, 1889, was predict to ascend to power by an astrologer. The person in question was none other than Adolf Hitler. Karl Krafft, a Swiss astrologer, also indicated that Hitler would be assassinated. The Nazis imprisoned Krafft for forecasting the wrong outcome. Krafft was appointed as the Nazis’ in-house astrologer once Goebbels realize the astrologer was innocent. “Krafft’s astrological projection persuaded Hitler to begin the successful Operation Barossa attack,” says AstrologyCosmos.

Babylon was the birthplace of astrology.

Babylon was the birthplace of modern astrology. As far back as 4000 BCE, Babylonia was home to some of the earliest astrological documents. However, The planets and stars were notice and record by the Babylonians. Greek and Hellenistic astrology largely owes its origins to these astrologers, who continue to impact Western astrology today.

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The more signs you have, the better.

Many people believe that they only have one astrological sign depending on their date of birth. However, the best Astrologer in Nagpur said this is not the case. Numerous more signs, including the sun sign and those for each planet and 12 houses, are known as zodiac signs. Three “big three” signs indicate your personality, emotions, vulnerability, and the way you love. If you want to know your “big three,” you need to know your birth date, birthplace, and time (as precise as feasible).

The moon has a profound effect on your emotions.

As per an astrologer in Nagpur, you may be grieving over complete first love when the moon is full.  Therefore, What was the source of that? Studies dating as far back as 400 B.C. “put the shifts in human behavior down to the moon’s influence. However, According to Healthline, the term “lunatic” was coin because of the belief that lunar cycles were link to changes in mental health. In Shakespeare’s Othello, Emelia informs Othello that the moon is so close to Earth that it has made men insane.

There are elements in signs

Water, fire, air, and earth are the four elements with which the twelve signs of the zodiac are related. Therefore, They are intimately link to the characteristics of the signs.

Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

  • Sensitive and devoted
  • Perceptive
  •  Focused on the family and the home

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

  • Exciting
  •  Proactive
  •  Easily agitated

Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

  • Taking an active role
  • Analytics 

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

  • Intimate and sensual
  • Affixed to a stable base
  •  The patient


In comparison to other pseudosciences like anti-vaxxing or homeopathy, astrology does not have the same harmful impact, despite its lack of scientific support, consistency, and reproducibility. The placebo effect can slightly influence people’s mental health regarding astrology. Thus, it’s a kind of harmless pseudoscience.

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