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How Do Climate Solutions Secure Your Air Conditioner From Theft

According to the study by Climate Solutions: Air conditioner theft is becoming increasingly common in cities. Newly installed air conditioners are looted for days, people involved in theft don’t take up the entire refrigeration unit; They only remove the part that they consider essential. Thieves follow the copper units of AC units, which can be sold as scrap metal for a few hundred dollars. If they have time, thieves don’t bother to steal the entire air conditioner – it will cost you money.

Most homeowners don’t consider protecting their room after an air conditioner is installed. Climate Solutions is aimed at unscrupulous thugs. It takes a seasoned thief a little time to collect copper. A few precautions will save you from regrets in the future. Our AC installers at Climate Solutions have identified a few ways you can protect your air conditioner from theft.

Tip 1 ፡ Install the AC unit in a conspicuous place

While this may seem counterintuitive, making your air conditioner visible helps reduce the chances of theft. Your neighbors or neighbors could notice the theft and alert you or the police. Make sure your room is not covered with bushes or other objects.

Tip 2 ፡ Active motion detection lights

If a theft occurs in the dark, it’s a good idea to turn on your AC unit or place it in a public place. You can also set the alarm signal as soon as the thief approaches your air conditioner. This sudden flash of light caused the thief to die in the street.

Tip 3 ፡ Home surveillance

Security cameras make thieves think twice before attempting to steal your air conditioner. You can also install a security alert to alert you to AC system interruptions. This noise will make a loud noise to scare the thief and make him run away.

Climate Solutions provide services to contact the police or emergency contacts in the event of theft. These alarms can be added if air conditioning is installed.

Tip 4 ፡ Lock locked house

Installing a locked cage for your outdoor air conditioning room is one of the safest ways to do it. These tanks are only installed by trained professionals. That will cost you a few hundred dollars. However, a thief doesn’t worry about wasting his time trying to open a locked house and looks for other easy targets. It’s wise not to go to cheap houses that have little or no protection for the copper parts in your air conditioner.

5 – Climate control maintenance

If you are a dog person, finding a guard dog can be the perfect solution. The guard dog will yell or attack any unknown person trying to enter your property. This is another effective solution to protect your air conditioner from being stolen.

Call Climate Solutions for efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions. We work on the installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning systems in Climate Solutions. We’re here to help if you need more personalized expert advice on how to run your air conditioner efficiently or if you want to upgrade your air conditioner to make your home more comfortable while reducing your electricity bills.

Give us a call today and one of our friendly professionals will be happy to help you with your air conditioning needs anywhere in Pakistan.

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