How do consultants convert to a medical marketing agency?

Do you know what can significantly increase the conversion of your medical marketing agency, relieve administrators and set up more efficient work between departments? These are online consultants or chats. If this topic is of interest to you, please continue reading.

An online consultant communicates with visitors on your site using a small pop-up window, which can be minimized if desired. This is very convenient for medical institutions, as often a person does not have time to familiarize himself with all the information on the site, and he wants to get an answer to his question quickly.

How do chats increase conversions on a medical site?

  • First, some statistics: visitors who communicate in online chat make a purchase three times more often. In addition, such people spend about 35% more than those who place an order in any other way. Visitors can visit a medical website design is much more satisfied with the service in the end (sometimes this figure reaches 90%). Thus, loyalty to your clinic or office increases.


  • Now, let’s discuss more specific matters. Each employee can conduct from one to several chat conversations at the same time. For example, a medical marketing agency makes it possible to speak simultaneously with five subscribers. This approach allows you to process much more potential customers and greatly facilitates the work of your operators.
  • Thanks to the so-called active invitations, the conversion on your site will increase five times! What is a playful invitation? When a visitor enters your medical institution’s website, a chat window appears (pops up automatically), while under the photo of the operator himself, an inscription appears: “Hello! Can I help you?”
  • Thanks to this instrument of influence, a competent operator or consultant can sell not one service but several at once.
  • Since online chat is primarily a communication channel, the communication environment mustn’t change. The visitor came to your site and immediately started a conversation. It is inconvenient for some people to take, for example, a phone to make a call, so an online consultant here is the only possible channel for making an appointment with a doctor.
  • Nowadays, more and more people carry out various transactions on the Internet using tablets and phones. For the medical field, this is also critical because sometimes a person starts to get sick suddenly.

Pleasant things that are in online chats

Customizable design, that is, you can choose, for example, the color and location of the window itself in such a way that it harmoniously fits into the overall visual concept of your Internet resource.

In Medical Marketing Agency, the operator can see the process of typing a message, even before sending it. All this suggests that you can significantly increase the speed of the response (twice!).

With the help of such a chat, you can not only correspond but also transfer files. This greatly facilitates the work of operators or administrators since sending a file to a client takes a lot of time. However, it also requires concentration, which is sometimes very difficult in constant communication with clients at reception and by phone.

It is also convenient that such a chat is combined with the phone. Literally, in one click, a person can immediately call your administrator directly from the conversation.

The undoubted advantage of medical marketing agencies is that they integrate with any CRM system. This is convenient, first of all, for the employees of your medical institution, as it significantly saves their time.

In some online consultants, for example, on a medical marketing agency, you can directly view detailed information about all the people on your site. You can see his location, what exactly he is looking for, and the source of the transition.

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