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How Important is it to Use a Toll Free Number?

The Toll Free Number marketing environment has changed dramatically over the past decade, and business leaders have had to adapt and thrive in this new marketing environment. As the competition has grown and strategies have become more innovative, businesses have had to leave nothing to chance and take all measures to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

There’s no doubt that customers are aware of the tactics businesses use to differentiate themselves. Offering high discounts or bragging about your clients don’t work with these new-age, well-informed customers anymore.

So, how does a toll-free number come into the picture in the midst of all these?

Even toll-free numbers have become quite common for consumers today. Despite the benefits of toll-free numbers, businesses display them across their marketing channels. This is primarily intended to construct a professional and substantial impression in front of their clients that toll-free numbers increase sales by 200%.

In 2022, toll-free numbers are no longer just a branding and communication tool to stay connected to your customers. Keeping up with the competition and building a more prominent image in front of your customers are requisites. To put it simply, with an 1800 toll-free number, a well-established marketing and sales plan can be significantly improved.

Having said that, let’s explore the benefits of toll-free numbers in more detail:

Benefits Offered By Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers Have Inevitable and Vital Benefits

To deliver the promised ‘Customer Service

In businesses that recognize the importance of enhanced customer service, there are a variety of ways to achieve that. A toll-free number assists you to connect your callers with their concerned executive directly, and also enables your team to provide redressal to the customer queries swiftly without any additional effort involved. 

To prove business credibility & professionalism

Let’s face it, businesses don’t have many options or opportunities to prove their professionalism to gain the trust of their customers. This is why, whatever it takes, one needs to tick all the boxes to fulfill the requisites of a reliable business.

If you think that a toll-free number would not be useful as new technology comes out every other day, you are mistaken. You can make the most secure investment possible for your business by getting a toll-free number. A cloud-hosted 1800 number is highly customizable and thus can incorporate all the emerging cloud telephony technologies.

To take an edge over competitors

Branding has been and still is one of the most important advantages of toll-free numbers. In the process of comparing 2-3 vendors, certain factors catch the attention of the businessman, and one of them would be an easily accessible and reliable business phone number.

You are alone at home and have no internet access or enough balance to make a call. However, you have guests coming over and you are in need of tea leaves. Furthermore, you cannot leave your house to go to the grocery store. However, your grocery store has a toll-free number. You immediately called them and received what you needed in a timely manner. As a result of this incident, your confidence in the grocery store has grown, and you will prefer buying from this particular store over any other.

To make business marketing more impactful

 We all remember McDonald’s sing-along songs and commercials that used to play throughout the world when they had their toll-free number 1300-13-1300. The easier it is to remember, the better. Many marketing campaigns boast their toll-free number, encouraging you to call them and learn more about the product.

Similarly, we have the customer service numbers of several brands at our fingertips. They are all readily available.  It can be said that marketing campaigns using a toll-free number not only increase the likelihood of a customer call but also assist you in tracking those calls (if you have a toll-free number with a call tracking solution). As a result, taking your brand marketing to the next level is undoubtedly one of the most important benefits of a toll-free number.

To prepare for future scalability & portability

A company’s focus is on the future and faster growth. The latter is often accompanied by a larger team and an increased customer base. You should be ready to implement supporting solutions/software while you are dedicated to achieving the former. Toll-free numbers are one reason why you can start thinking about the future of your brand as it is helping you out with increasing your customer base.

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