How often should I wash the cotton sheets?

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Let’s talk about how to care for those lovely bedding sheets you got. The main issue here is how often I should wash my sheets. This question will elicit a variety of responses from various people. The answer depends on why you should wash your bedding even if it doesn’t appear to be dirty.

What is the true purpose of cleaning your bed sheet?

You sleep in your bed for 30–40 hours per week. As a result,

your sheets should be sanitary and clean. Proper hygiene is essential in all

aspects of life. It may be more important than you think when it comes to our

bedding. Dirty sheets, if not cleaned on a regular basis, can contribute to

allergies, skin breakouts, asthma, and other health problems.

How does your bed sheet get dirty?

Before we get into how frequently you should wash your sheets, let’s talk about why you should.

·        Dust Mites – As you sleep in bed at night, you shed hundreds and thousands of skin cells, with any dirt or sweat finding its way into your bedding. To make matters worse, dust mites feed on such shed skin cells.

·        Allergens – While the accumulation of sweat and human cells is worth it to keep your sheets clean, please remember that most of us are hypersensitive to dust mites! Washing your bedding on a regular basis can help keep allergens at bay and keep you from waking up with a stuffy nose.

·        Taking Care of Your Skin- Bed sheets can collect bacteria, fungi, and other allergens that are completely invisible to the naked eye, in addition to dust mites looking for a free meal. Not to mention that makeup and face cream can quickly accumulate in your bedding, causing acne as well as other skin-related issues.

The main question now is how frequently we should wash our sheets

We seem to have plenty of excuses to keep your sheets tidy, but how frequently should you wash them? The simple answer is once per week. Consider it like clothing: you’ll want to wash your bedding once a week to maintain the daily dirt and stains from collecting within the fabric. Then again, we do rub our bodies all over our sheets for 8 hours every night.

How to Clean Bed Sheets

We understand that sheets should be washed once a week, but how should they all be washed?

·        Carefully read the product label to see if there are any special care instructions.

·        Wash with the hottest water recommended by the label (cotton can generally handle hot water, while polyester and some other materials should be washed on warm).

·        Machine washes with a mild detergent.

·        If you have sensitive skin, rinse the sheets a second time to remove any remaining detergent.

·        Air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

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