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How to choose the best option for inguinal hernia treatment?

Inguinal hernia is a medical condition where the lower abdominal tissue bulges out through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles and tissues. In the beginning, the swelling remains within the body itself. However, as time progresses, the situation worsens, and you can see the bulge coming out of your body. Often, you will find the bulge coming out of the vaginal region as a large blob of tissue. While medicines are prescribed to treat the condition early, the same cannot be said if you are diagnosed in the later stages of an inguinal hernia. 

Since there are several treatments with which the inguinal hernia can be reversed to the original condition, you need to be aware of the most appropriate solution for you. If laparoscopic surgery is suitable for one person, it doesn’t mean the same will also be feasible for you. This is why you need to have some awareness of the different treatment processes, so you can select the method that is right for you.

Symptoms of inguinal hernia

Before you choose the inguinal hernia treatment process, you must be aware of the symptoms of an inguinal hernia. This way, you can easily know which process to choose based on your body’s symptoms. The section below will introduce you to the major signs of suffering from an inguinal hernia and when you need to see a doctor.

  1. Sometimes, the swelling transforms itself into a tissue pouch at the location of the inflammation. In some other cases, you can feel the bulging tissue in the pubic bone. It becomes more prominent when you cough. 
  2. You will feel weaknesses creeping up through the groin region in advanced cases. The discomfort can arise in the lower abdomen for women, mainly in the cervical region. 
  3. You will often feel an intense burning sensation near the inflammation or bulge. It will increase in intensity as the bulge starts growing. 
  4. The swelling will cause excruciating pain in the lower abdominal and groin regions when you bend over.
  5. An inguinal hernia can cause swelling behind the penis and scrotal sac in men. With the bulge becoming enlarged, the scrotum will start to pain, and it may disrupt the proper activity of the testicles. 

Inguinal hernia treatment at an early stage 

The best inguinal hernia treatment procedure is to opt for a restricted diet and lifestyle routine with medicines at the early stage. Your doctor won’t prescribe the surgery when the bulge isn’t protruding from the abdominal region. To ensure you get rid of this problem, here are some of the major things you should follow: 

  1. Maintain a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, etc. This will boost immunity and ensure the inflamed tissue can start to shrink. 
  2. Ensure you maintain the proper weight.
  3. The best inguinal hernia treatment at the early stage is to avoid lifting heavy objects or bending down from the stomach. If you do so, the pressure will instantly cause pain in the region. 
  4. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. This will further worsen the inguinal hernia, and soon you might have to opt for surgery. 

Inguinal hernia treatment through surgery

In advanced conditions, doctors usually opt for surgical inguinal hernia treatment to ensure that the inflamed tissue pouch can easily be removed from your body. This further reduces the chances of hernia relapse, one of the main problems people have to encounter after surgery. 

There are two main surgical techniques to remove the inguinal hernia. Based on the condition of the bulge and the impact on surrounding tissues and organs, the doctor will tell you which one will be the most feasible. Below are the two major surgical methods used for inguinal hernia treatment. 

Laparoscopic surgery 

You can opt for a minimally invasive process through laparoscopy, which is a very beneficial surgical method. Not only does the method need less recovery time, it won’t cause any pain either. Here, the doctor will give you general anesthesia and then make multiple incisions in the surrounding areas of the hernia. 

Once done, he will insert the tube with a video camera through the incision and check the current condition of the hernia. The inflamed tissue will be removed in multiple segments to ensure no major harm comes to other organs.

Open hernia surgery

Another inguinal hernia treatment process is open surgery. After anesthesia, the doctor will push back the tissue bulge into the abdomen and seal the position. To support the weak spot of the abdominal cell, a synthetic mesh will be used. 


Even though many people are unsure of inguinal hernia treatment surgeries, there is nothing to be worried about. Since the procedure is not intense, you won’t have to follow a strict routine. This is why it is necessary to get yourself treated before the condition worsens at leading hospitals like BLK-Max, Max Hospital India and Max Healthcare, a leading hospital chain.

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