How to do marketing with Instagram: the # 1 rule for success

“How do I do Instagram marketing effectively?”

These people have realized that thanks to Instagram, they can extract so much value from their business and achieve results that with traditional advertising would be impossible to imagine.

The point is that they have not yet figured out how to achieve profitable results and sell their products, services, and consultancy on Instagram, promoting their brand effectively.

There is nothing wrong, mind you, in not being able to get results because marketing on Instagram is not trivial and you need commitment, study, tenacity, and dedication to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

Even more, you need the right information. In this article, I will reveal to you some very important methodological information that will help you change your approach to Instagram Ads and understand what are the steps to follow to change your Instagram marketing strategy.

And if you want to deepen further and become a true Instagram marketing expert, you will have to study a lot, apply the concepts learned, take tests and gain experience.

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How to do marketing with Instagram

First of all, I want to underline a concept: to be truly successful online (and offline as well) it is essential to have a strategy, an overview, and a project.

It works a bit like in sport: most of the time the winner is the one who, in addition to having the best athletes (your product or service), has a strategy that allows him to know every step of the path that will lead him to victory, even earlier. to put it into action.

In business this is even more true: random and improvised moves will lead you straight to failure!

How do you set up a winning strategy?

The first aspect I want to make you think about is the following: Instagram is a marketing tool, a means by which to convey your strategy … not the purpose of your strategy.

Put simply, if your product or service:

it has no market

he has no customers who recognize his value

Instagram can’t work miracles! The biggest mistake that an entrepreneur, or a freelancer, can make is to think that the panacea for the ills of his business is to use a new or different tool from the ones he used before.

Instagram is like a big amplifier. If there is no quality in your business, the chances of finding customers will be reduced to a flicker.

If, on the other hand, you are aware of the role that Instagram marketing plays within your business, that is that of a fabulous tool and not the solution to your problems, then the results will not be long in coming. I can guarantee it!

Instagram Marketing: a position war

Even before opening an Instagram account, starting to choose your profile photo and insert your biography … you need to define your positioning on the market very precisely.

Any Instagram marketing action has its starting point in the effective positioning of your brand. Without this fundamental requirement, it will be very difficult to sell any type of product or service.

For example, communicating that you are the “best restaurant in Milan” means absolutely nothing. Anyone can tell and this will have no value in the customer’s mind. Mainly for these two reasons:

the product that the restaurant offers to its customers is precisely defined (authentic
Venetian sandwiches)

the restaurant communicates its leadership in a specific market niche (the first
sandwich shop outside the lagoon)

This is a perfect example of effective positioning. Our mind loves what is clear and well defined, while it hates confusion and disorder.

In general, effective positioning work aims to lead people to see your brand. the leader of a certain market niche.

The # 1 rule for success with Instagram marketing

Rule # 1 to be successful on Instagram is as follows:

when an advertisement captures the attention of a user. You must be able to make that person carry out an action defined as a “conversion”.

A conversion can be defined in these ways:

the acquisition of the e-mail address or telephone number of the potential customer (the so-called lead generation)

the purchase of your product or service directly online

booking for an event or service at your business premises

Conversion does not mean, as you mistakenly happen to read on many blogs, the simple purchase of a product or service. There are business models that, by their nature, need to stipulate quotes for customized services. Based on the customer’s needs, before they can decide to buy.

an appointment, during which the aspects that will then lead to the signing of a contract or the commission of service will be studied

In all these cases (except for the direct phone call from the potential customer) the goal of your. advertisement must necessarily be to lead the user to a landing page (a so-called landing page).

Once you can master this process, it will be much easier for you to formulate customized strategies based on your business model, your products, and your services.

Here is a very useful practical case to better understand this process.

How to acquire customers and contacts through Instagram

What we have just seen is one of the many possibilities of using sponsorships on Instagram to acquire customers or leads of potential customers.

The strategy and tools you will use will need to differentiate based. The type of product or service you are trying to sell. It is important to be aware that not all products are suitable for sale via Instagram.

The typical case of need induced through social networks is that of catering. In most cases, people go out for dinner based on the input they receive from the outside and not out of necessity.

Here, then, is that Instagram marketing proves to be the most suitable tool for a restaurant that wants to increase the number of seats even during the week or wants to promote special evenings at higher prices than normal or with thematic menus (an excellent opportunity to maximize the margins of I earn).

Or even for a restaurant that has developed an internal delivery service. Through Instagram Ads, is starting to develop its online turnover.

At the same time, Instagram is also a great resource for digital entrepreneurs who do affiliate marketing or sell information products. In these cases, it is relatively easy to go and “grab” the perfect audience for your offer.

What is fundamental, even before the tools we use, is to understand. How the acquisition of customers and contacts on Instagram works at a strategic level.

The advertisement itself does not bring turnover. Is only the first step of a path that will lead the user to become a customer. It would be profoundly wrong to reduce the evaluation of an Instagram marketing campaign to just this element.

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