How to Get a Visa for Sri Lanka and Its Benefits

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country located in the northern part of the Indian ocean. This country is popular because of its Buddhist culture and as one of the world’s top tea producers. Sri Lanka stands tall with its highest human development index rating & per capita income in the south Asian region. Annually, Sri Lanka attracts many tourists as well as people for study purposes. If traveling to Sri Lanka is on your cards, then ensure to get a visa to Sri Lanka from USA to enter Sri Lanka. Without having Sri Lanka visa US citizens you’re not allowed to enter the state. 

What is Sri Lanka Visa & its Benefits:

A visa to Sri Lanka is said to be the official permit, which allows foreign nationals to enter Sri Lanka for a short stay. The holders of visa to Sri Lanka from USA allow the people to visit and stay at Sri Lanka for a limited time period. The best part of this permit is that it allows the transit passengers to access the international areas of the international airport of Sri Lanka to board a connecting flight to other destinations. 

The visa to Sri Lanka from USA allows the Sri Lankan government to manage the duration & conditions of a foreigner’s stay in Sri Lanka. This visa permit is issued by the department of immigration and emigration of Sri Lanka. 

What is the Visa Fee for Sri Lanka for US Citizens:

Applying for a visa to Sri Lanka from USA is not an issue anymore because of the online visa application facility. You are just required to fill out the online application visa form and pay the visa & processing fee. Then, you will be notified if your visa for Sri Lanka is accepted or rejected. If it is accepted, you will get the authorization document directly to your email address in the online application form. Print a copy of it and take it with you to show at the airport along with the air ticket to Sri Lanka from USA. The fee for a tourist visa is about $35, and for a business visa, the fee would be $40.

Requirements for Sri Lanka Visa:

  • A valid email address that belongs to you only.
  • Your current contact number, where you will receive the ETA visa. 
  • Your first, middle, and last name. 
  • The intended traveling date, it includes entry and exit dates. 
  • Selection for your gender.
  • Your date of birth along with the birthplace.
  • Nationality and country name.
  • Reason to visit Sri Lanka. A valid payment method could be your visa or debit card. 

These are some of the visa requirements for US citizens for Sri Lanka. These requirements are a must provide. Otherwise, your visa and airline tickets to Sri Lanka from USA would be rejected. 

Final Words: If you are planning a vacation, then Sri Lanka is the best spot to visit. To visit this amazing island, you are required to obtain a visa to Sri Lanka from USA to visit the island. Sri Lanka offers a variety of visa types. You need to select the one according to your choice depending on your traveling reason.

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