How To Select A Wedding Band To Match Your Engagement Ring 

Planning for a wedding gets couples excited and stressed at the same time. On one hand, you’re happy that you’ll be spending forever with your partner. But, on the other hand, you are panicking and trying to ensure things are in place for the wedding. 

Couples stress about many things, including their wedding bands. If you’ve ever been a part of wedding planning, you’ll know it goes beyond picking wedding rings. There is also the fact that the wedding bands have to match the proposal rings.

Annie was super excited when she got engaged to her heartthrob Robbie. She wouldn’t stop flashing her engagement ring. We were all happy for her and ready to share in her joy. 

But, she worried about getting the perfect wedding band to match her engagement. So, she asked us for tips she should consider when getting their wedding bands. 

This article is for people like Annie who need help picking wedding bands. Do you want your wedding ring to match your proposal ring? Then, this article is for you!

How To Make Your Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Match 

For the best wedding jewelry, you should only shop from sellers you trust. Not only will you get the best quality, but you’ll also get an array of options. This way, you will have higher chances of finding rings that’ll complement your engagement rings. Wedding bands are an essential aspect of the wedding. It’s your wedding, and you need things to make you happy. Thus, you must be intentional when selecting your wedding jewelry. 

Here are things you can do to match your wedding and proposal rings.

  1. Buy From The Same Designer

Can you remember where you got your proposal rings? You’ll most likely find a matching wedding band there. It saves you the stress of going to different stores while searching. You can even get all your wedding jewelry from that designer. It enables you to be sure of the quality, and they can all be alike.  

  1. Look Out For The Color

What color was your proposal ring? You can color match if it’s hard to get the same design wedding rings. If your engagement ring is a solitaire ring with yellow diamonds, you can get a wedding ring with yellow diamonds as well.

  1. Get The Same Metal

You can match your wedding ring to your engagement ring through metal. When shopping for wedding rings for women, you can see them in different metals. 

For example, it could be that your proposal ring was gold. So, it would help if you were shopping for a gold wedding band.

Things To Do When Shopping for Wedding Bands 

So, we’ve talked about how you can match your wedding band to your engagement ring. Now, let’s look at things to do while shopping for wedding bands. If you didn’t know, your wedding bands are also a form of investment. 

The steps below will help you get wedding rings of the best quality. 

  1. Take Your Engagement Ring Along 

Do not make the mistake of shopping for wedding bands without your proposal rings. After all, you’re trying to match your wedding band to your engagement ring. Taking it along helps the sellers know what you want. 

You can also use the engagement ring to measure standards and quality. It wouldn’t make sense to get wedding bands that aren’t of the best quality. Even if it isn’t the highest quality, it should be on the same level as your proposal rings. The sellers can also use the engagement ring style to make the best picks for other wedding jewelry

  1. Know Your Preferred Style 

Luxury or simple, which do you prefer? Do you want your wedding bands to be a specific color? 

When shopping for wedding rings, it is best to have a style in mind. It helps both you and the seller have a more straightforward transaction process. Also, answering the questions above is usually helpful. 

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll know the stores to avoid. It wouldn’t make sense to spend all day every week shopping for wedding rings. Besides, knowing your preferred style makes the entire process less time-consuming. 

It also helps you to ease stress. We would like you to be relaxed before your wedding. 

  1. Know Your Ring Size

Many people need to learn their ring size, and you could be one of them! No, we are not judging you. We’ve seen many people get to know their ring sizes when planning their weddings. 

Did your engagement ring fit? If yes, you should check out the engagement ring size chart your partner used. It helps you get an idea of your ring size. So when you get to the ring store, you wouldn’t waste time as you already know your ring size. 

If you’re planning a wedding and do not know your ring size, you should get the sizing soon!

  1. Have A Budget 

It is vital to have a budget when shopping for wedding bands. This way, you would know the rings you can afford. We tell couples to always stick to their budget when buying wedding rings. But, we understand that you want the best for your wedding. After all, weddings aren’t like birthdays that happen yearly. 

Fortunately, lab grown diamonds let you wear authentic diamonds without spending much. A lab grown diamond ring is typically less expensive compared to mined diamonds of the same standard. So if you are on a budget, this option should be your go-to!

  1. Be Quality Conscious 

It is always best to strive for quality when shopping for anything. And your wedding band shouldn’t be an exception. The goal is to buy something that leaves you smiling whenever you look at it. 

Also, the plan is to get something other than new wedding bands yearly. That would be the case if you do not get quality wedding rings. 

Ensure that you get the best recommendations that fit your budget when shopping for wedding rings. It is okay to ask others who’ve been on this path before. 


You’ve seen how you can match your wedding band to your engagement ring. So, stop thinking it’s impossible. You should also use the tips we’ve shared when shopping for wedding bands. 

Using these steps and tips will help you be more relaxed rather than stressed before your wedding. Congratulations on getting engaged! We hope you invite us to your wedding.

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