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HVAC Explained in Layman’s Terms

HVAC Repair NYC is an important service that can keep you and your family safe, comfortable, and secure in your home. It’s also important for maintaining the value of your property. HVAC stands for heaters, ventilation systems like air ducts and vents, and air conditioning units. These are the systems that make your home comfortable and create a comfortable atmosphere in which to live. Clearly, it’s an important part of your home and the safety and security it provides you and your family.

Hot Summer Months

These systems are used every day, and often are under high demand. This is especially true during the hot summer months when you depend on your air conditioner constantly, or in the middle of the winter when you really need a working heater day in and day out. Occasionally, you’ll need routine HVAC maintenance—a new filter or some other issue that causes these systems to malfunction—and in these cases it is best to call a professional HVAC repair service.

Having your HVAC system break down is not only an inconvenience, it can be dangerous when the temperatures drop below freezing. Staying in a home without working heat can put your life at risk if it is extremely cold. It can also cause your pipes to freeze, which could result in water damage and expensive repairs to your plumbing system.

Routine Service

The industry typically recommends that you service your HVAC system twice a year, usually in spring and fall. They specify these two particular times of year because they mark the transition from using air conditioning to heating and vice versa. During these routine service calls, the HVAC specialist will inspect the system for any problems. He will clean out the unit and lubricate all moving parts. Once this is complete, he may make recommendations for system improvements or repairs.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main concerns when your HVAC is not operating correctly is energy efficiency. Heating and cooling your home is a large percentage of your utility bill each month. When your system is not running correctly, it may require more energy. This means higher bills for you. A certified HVAC service professional will be able to check all systems and make recommendations for repairs. Having your system assessed by a professional twice a year will ensure that it is running efficiently and you are not wasting money.

An HVAC system is made up of many parts, including:

•              Furnace

•              Condenser (outdoor coil)

•              Air handler (indoor coil)

•              Blower motor

When these parts fail, they can cause issues with air flow throughout your house. When air doesn’t circulate properly in your home, it can cause issues such as:

•              Poor indoor air quality (dusty air, musty odors)

•              Increased energy costs due to inefficient heating/cooling systems

 If you want to avoid expensive repairs, it is important that you schedule routine preventative HVAC Repair NYC. Homeowners often neglect their systems until they experience a problem and then they have to pay for expensive repairs. It is much easier and less expensive to keep up with maintenance than it is to repair or replace a neglected unit. It is an investment in your home and will last longer and perform better if it is properly maintained and serviced by an HVAC service professional.


Many companies offer service contracts to homeowners. With this plan, the homeowner pays a fee and the company comes out twice a year to inspect, clean and service the unit. Often these customers enjoy discounts on HVAC Repair NYC as well as receive top priority for service calls. It is a good way to guarantee that professionals you know and trust will properly maintain your system each year.

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