Maintenance Guide for Your Braided Wigs

Working with synthetic hair can be difficult, especially when it comes to maintenance. Synthetic braided wigs are no exception and may require more upkeep than you expect! This guide gives you the tips and tricks you need to keep your braided wig looking great for as long as possible.

How to Prevent Tangling

To prevent tangling, it is important that you keep your braided wigs moisturized. Use a light oil or cream on the scalp and down the length of the hair shaft. You can also use a leave in conditioner. Be sure to gently detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb before washing it. When you do wash it, use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Avoid rubbing the hair when drying it; instead, blot it with a towel. And finally, sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet to protect your strands.

How to Prevent Shedding

To prevent shedding, you should start by using a good quality braid wig. Synthetic wigs are more likely to shed than human hair wigs. You should also avoid brushing your wig too often, as this can damage the fibers. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the hair. When you do brush your wig, be sure to use a soft-bristled brush. In addition, you should avoid using harsh chemicals on your wig, as this can also cause damage and breakage. Finally, be sure to store your wig properly when you’re not wearing it. This will help keep it from becoming tangled or damaged.

How to Store Your Wig Safely

When you’re not wearing your wig, it’s important to store it in a safe place. The best way to do this is to keep it on a wig stand or mannequin head. This will help keep the wig from getting tangled or damaged. You can also keep your wig in a zip-up bag to protect it from dust and other elements.

How to Protect From Heat Damage

Heat damage is one of the main reasons why people have to replace their braided wigs sooner than they’d like. To protect your wig from heat damage, make sure that you use a heat protectant spray before flat ironing or curling. You should also avoid putting your wig on high heat settings and give it a break from heat styling every few weeks. If you notice any split ends, get them trimmed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Finally, be sure to deep condition your wig regularly to keep it hydrated and healthy.

Tips on Exercising with Your Wig On

It’s important to take care of your wig, and that includes exercising with it on! Here are some tips:

-Start with a light jog or walk to get used to the feel of your wig.

-Make sure to secure your wig before you start sweating.

-Pay attention to how your wig feels during exercise. If it starts to feel uncomfortable, stop and adjust it.

-After you’re done exercising, wash your wig as soon as possible.

-Be gentle with your wig when you’re washing it. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner, and avoid brushing it too roughly.

-Let your wig air dry whenever possible. Avoid using heat tools, as they can damage the hair.

How to Freshen Up Before a Special Occasion

Give your wig a good wash before your event. You can use a clarifying shampoo to remove any buildup from products. Deep condition your wig to make sure it’s hydrated and moisturized. You can use a leave-in conditioner to help detangle your wig. Gently brush out your wig with a wide-tooth comb. Once you’ve detangled your wig, braid it into the style you want. Finish off by spraying your wig with a light coat of hairspray.

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