Neelam and its Astrological benefits

Neelam stone, also known as Blue Sapphire, represents the ninth Navratna gemstone. This strong and fast-acting gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn. It’s a make-or-break sort of stone that would either bring abundance and happiness in the life of the wearer or completely destroy it. Neelam is best suited for people who are born in the month of September and is known to be a birthstone for them. When considering to buy neelam gem, one should always take into consideration consulting with an astrologer who would use his knowledge to thoroughly analyse your birth chart and then recommend the stone, if required.

The planet Saturn is known to bring patience, discipline, and persistence in one’s life. Not only this, but this strong planet is also known to be one of the most dangerous planets that we have in our solar system. Lord Saturn, when happy brings you abundance and prosperity in life, and when not, it brings hardships. It is considered that wearing a Neelam stone pleases the planet and thereby clearing any difficulties and creating a lot of wealth in the life of the wearer.

Benefits of wearing Neelam:

Wearing a Neelam stone has several benefits linked to it. It is said that wearing the stone bestows several blessings on the wearer. Some known benefits are as under:

  1. The result of wearing a Neelam stone when an individual is passing through a difficult and gloomy phase of life due to their stars is that it increases their metabolism and boosts confidence.
  2. It gives you this mystical power of looking for several solutions for a problem and then solving it with the most appropriate one.
  3. The stone is said to work on one’s concentration and focus. It is said to clear out any sort of confusion that comes to mind. It is for this reason that several professionals and students consider wearing it.
  4. It has a lot of health benefits associated with it.
  5. The individuals wearing the Neelam stone lead a very calm and stable lifestyle.
  6. You become free of negativity, and not that it removes any person that brings negativity to your life.
  7. Wearing the Blue sapphire protects you from natural calamities like storms, floods, fire, etc. 
  8. Protects the wearer from anything wrong happening to them. It could be theft or loss of any kind.
  9. It is said to heal any nerve tension that one may have. It works on healing any near-related disorders.
  10. One of the prime benefits of wearing this stone is improved financial status.

Pointers to keep in mind before buying the Neelam stone:

  1. Always ask what the carat and cut are, gradation, and value for the stone you are buying.
  2. Ensure that you buy a well-certified neelam gemstone from a reputed and renowned seller.
  3. Any sort of unevenness in the colour of the stone must be avoided for it to fully work in your favour.
  4. A medium or strong saturation Neelam stone must always be preferred. One more thing to note here is that there is neither too much nor too little saturation of the stone.

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