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Process and The Cost of Pap Smear Test

Did you know that pap smears are lifesavers? This is because they allow the doctor to screen for deadly cervical cancer. These tests are reproductive system care meant for preventive purposes. The tests work by detecting abnormal cervical cells from a sample collected from the cervix. It is also usually used to detect human papillomavirus, the leading cause of cervical cancer in women. If your tests are adverse or abnormal, this might be a sign of cervical cancer, an infection, or any underlying health issue. The North Hills pap smear test is crucial because it allows the doctor to detect any abnormal cells in cervical cancer that might result in cervical cancer. In this article, we will highlight the pap smear test procedure in North Hills and its cost. Keep reading.

Eligibility of a Pap Smear Test in North Hills Clinic

You might be wondering whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the North Hills pap smear test. For most doctors, the best age for getting these tests is when a woman turns 21. it is the best age because your reproductive system would have fully developed. Also, it is critical for doctors since they can analyze the cell samples. After these tests, you will be required to wait three years for other tests.

It is the time it takes to regulate your cervical tissue. However, this will not mean that women under 21 cannot undergo pap smears. Virgins can also take these tests, but the probability of virgins having abnormal results is typically zero. After you have turned 65 years, there is no need to continue with these tests if you have always had negative test results. It is a safe age to declare you are unlikely to get any abnormal tests that might result in cervical cancer.

Also, if your uterus is removed, you can stop getting tested. Through a hysterectomy process, the cervical tissue is also removed. Therefore, these tests are irrelevant since you do not have a cervix and uterus. Once you have had a hysterectomy, the chances of getting cervical cancer are zero.

Pap Smear Test in North Hills Clinic

Before a pap smear test in North Hills, you will require a detailed explanation of what will happen. You will be required to consider a few factors before undergoing a pap smear test, and these factors are;

  • To avoid using vaginal fluids.
  • It would be best not to use tampons 24 hours before the pap smear test.
  • Avoid engaging in sexual intercourse before the tests.
  • You should not douche before the tests.
  • Two days before these tests, you will need to avoid spermicidal foams, creams, and jellies. This is because they might wash or tamper with the abnormal cells.
  • If you are on menstrual days, you should reschedule a pap smear test.

During the Pap Smear Procedure

The pap smear tests in North Hills clinics are typically conducted in the doctor’s examination room. These tests are done in a matter of minutes. During the pap smear test in North Hills clinic, the doctor will instruct you to wear a hospital gown and undress below the waist. To ease the access site, you must lie on the examination table. Your knees will be bent while being supported by stirrups.

A speculum tool will be inserted into your vagina to help in collecting the samples. The speculum tool is not used to collect samples, but instead, it holds the vaginal walls to enable more accessible access to the cervix. When the doctor inserts this tool, you might experience some pressure exertion in the pelvic or the vaginal areas. Your doctor will then insert a small soft brush into your vagina until it reaches the cervix, and you do not have to worry about this process since it is painless.

After the Pap Smear Procedure

Several pap smear tests are available and will be determined by the tool used to collect the sample. The test type is a liquid-based pap test. When performing these tests, the doctor will use a special liquid to help in preserving the collected sample. The conventional pap smear test approach is when the doctor collects the samples and sends them to the lab to determine whether or not you have abnormal cells. The observation is done by putting the pieces under a microscope. After the doctor is done through the samples, you will wear your clothes and continue your usual activities without worrying.

Once the tests are conducted, the test results will be taken to the concerned doctor. The patient will share the outcome details as they explain what the tests mean. The tests can either be normal or abnormal. A standard pap smear test means you have no abnormal cells in your cervix. It shows no sign of cancerous cells growing in the cervix. Suppose there are abnormal cells detected in the sample. The doctor will order additional tests depending on the odd cell type. Your doctor will instruct you not to go for further tests and wait for your next one after two to three years.

The Cost of North Hills Pap Smear Test

A pap smear test in North Hills ranges from $20 to $50. However, the cost will slightly increase if you take a preparatory procedure. Any other difficulty you might require to take might increase the costs to $600. The prices might be sorted out with your health insurance cover. With a comprehensive plan, it might cover half of the cost. But if you do not have a cover, do not worry because our services are affordable.


The pap smear procedure in North Hills is fast and painless. The care offered at North Hills clinic is preferred over the emergency room because of the many advantages. One of the top benefits of visiting the North Hills clinic for these tests is that they will always look after your care despite time sensitivity. The clinic is highly preferred because they tend to be convenient; therefore, whenever you want to get the best care and your primary care doctor is unavailable, you should visit our clinic. 

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