Quaint Monsoon Getaways

Monsoon retreats in India are undeniably once-in-a-lifetime adventures, as the beautiful destinations mesmerize you with their charming beauty. The hills and mountains are coated with lush forests, the winds are blowing, the lakes are flowing with crystal clear water, and the cascading vistas are heavenly, making you fall in love with Incredible India. You’d be astonished at how nature has gifted our country with many unique scenic views. The monsoon treetops gleam, all rejuvenated in their verdant beauty, while the aroma of moist soil pulls in the nostalgia and returns some delightful recollections back to memory! Here are some places where the monsoons will make you feel much more beautiful.

Lonavala is the oldest and most renowned hill station in Maharashtra, nestled in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats. During the monsoons, the dreamy panoramas of hills, forests, waterfalls, and lakes come to life. The rainwashed vistas of the Western Ghats, the rustic aroma blended with the rushing warm wind, the hot bhajis with chai, and secluded retreats to stay in—everything lends an element of romance and magic to the air. Enjoy the best of this little hill town by exploring Lonavala during the monsoon season.

The monsoon weather in Lonavala begins in June and lasts till September. Rainfall may last up to 24 hours at this period. During the monsoon season, the little town teems with lush foliage, streams spring out from the hillsides in great strength, and the reservoirs are full for the majority of time. Feel the moist soil on your toes and the raindrops on your face – the monsoon season is an enthralling time to visit Lonavala if you enjoy reconnecting with nature. We have handpicked your monsoon staycations from Ekostay’s premier collections in Lonavala… What else are you waiting for?

Blanco Villa In Lonavala –

The Ekostay Blanco Villa in Lonavala is a perfect retreat for the Mumbai crowd and seems to be right out of an aesthetic brochure. Surrounded by lush foliage, trendy interiors, and lots of space, these are just a few of the characteristics that add to this 3 BHK villa in Lonavala’s stunning aspect. It is a private pool villa in the midst of Lonavala’s serenity. The villa is 15 minutes away from the Lonavala market and 15 minutes away from the Lonavala highway. Lonavala, a popular hill station at an altitude of 2,047 feet above sea level, is a romantic escape from the chaotic bustle of city life. Its pleasant climate, magnificent grandeur, historical forts, historic caverns, and picturesque lakes make it India’s leading tourist attraction.

Titanium Villa In Lonavala –

Ekostay Titanium Villa in Lonavala is a 3BHK luxurious villa with a private pool that offers you the finest of Lonavala. An elegant blend of tastefully done interiors sprinkled with rustic charm. Unwind on all the patios for an uninterrupted view of fields and hills, or start your day with a hearty breakfast here on the lawns.

Gatsby Villa In Lonavala –

The stunning four-bedroom Gatsby Villa in Lonavala is a stunning four-bedroom villa featuring spacious interior embellishments. That perfectly complement the vast, lively exteriors, which also include a private pool and garden space. The 4 BHK Villa has magnificent, stunning views of mountains and lush flora. You can spend an entire day admiring the beautiful views that flow from brightly lit days. To starlit nights while savoring a bonfire by the outdoor patio, or you could spend all your time leisurely indoors with your friends.

Are you planning on traveling someplace secluded but abundant in greenery? Then Karjat, near Pune, is ideal for your next getaway. A city in Maharashtra with steep slopes seems to come alive during the rainy season, with overflowing rivers and cascading waterfalls. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? You can take a one-day trip to nearby Pune with your family. To see the numerous pilgrimage sites and the river Ulhas. Instead, you may pack your bags for a week-long trip to Karjat. This town may be less well-known, but there are lots of beautiful places to visit. Are you ready to arrange a trip with your family or friends to Karjat? Are you ready to plan a vacation with your family or friends to Karjat? Ekostay has you covered with ideal private pool villas in Karjat. Don’t look any further.

This is a collection of Ekostay’s Karjat halts to his mini-hill station. Karjat is a picturesque town in the Raigad district near Navi Mumbai. Surrounded by lush green farm areas and rural houses. This small and unexplored destination has become popular. Among adventure seekers and even those seeking a laid-back retreat closer to nature. Historically, hill stations such as Lonavala, Matheran, and Mahabhaleshwar have attracted tourists from Mumbai and Pune. Nevertheless, due to its popularity and overcrowding, many are increasingly seeking other options much closer to the city. When it comes to providing something unique for visitors, Karjat has been a definite victor.

Eclipse Villa In Karjat – 

Have you ever dreamt of a romantic getaway in a place known for its scenic natural panoramas, huge mountains, and perfect weather? Ekostay Eclipse Villa in Karjat is the ideal location for you to make this a reality. The 3 BHK Villa, with its exquisite décor and private pool, is fantastic for resting or simply taking in the Instagram-worthy views from every point of this home. Karjat is well-known for its naturally beautiful landscape, huge mountains, old caves, temples, and castles.

Sunshine Villa In Karjat –

Summer dreams are made at the 6 BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat! The interiors are mostly white, which keeps you cool in summer and brightens up dismal winter days. We would definitely recommend an outdoor patio with a seating area and a projector for enjoyable nights with the family for a good summer time. This great holiday villa in Karjat awaits your arrival. The Sunshine Villa is located in Karjat, an area renowned for its scenic natural panoramas, enormous mountains, ancient caverns, temples, and forts. There are no local eateries. Consider scheduling a road trip to these lush green mountains located along the Konkan coast to reach the Bhor ghat.

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