Scorching Heat: How to keep your construction equipment working?

In many parts of the world, the temperature becomes a little harsh between June to August. From scorching to moderate heat is common in these three months, especially in California, Florida, and Texas, where the temperature remains between 70°F to 90°F. It is very challenging for the construction contractors to keep their equipment working in this extremely hot weather.

The hot weather, actually makes it difficult for the equipment to work well as the parts and engines get hot too quickly that affecting the performance of machines. It does not matter whether the equipment is on the job site or staying in the fleet, the weather will impact it anyways. The construction contractor who takes the machine on rent or the used equipment trader, everyone has to pay the cost of working in this scorching weather.

Are you one of them who gets down at this time of year? We have got some useful tips in this article. You may get help from this piece of writing and keep your construction equipment working well.

Preventive Maintenance tips for heavy equipment in hot weather

Construction work cannot be stopped even in extreme weather. If the work is construction is going on, the machine will be in use as well. Keeping them working well is only possible by following some preventive maintenance practices. It is often that the equipment fleet manager finds it difficult to maintain the machines when they are standing in the inventory. In this case, the machine also loses its productivity when idling. It must be maintained well to avoid any hassle while selling them.

Below are some preventive maintenance tips to follow.

  • First, try to keep your machines out of direct sun exposure. You can find some shaded areas to place the machine for operations.
  • While working on-site, keep the coolant level in the right ratio. In hot weather, the fluids flow faster in the machine. You can read the manual to understand the right ratio of oil and water coolant.
  • Oil and grease expand on heating and lose their adhesive property. So, it is suggested to use thicker grease during hot times. As on heating, the machine will get the required consistency. You can also take a guide from the manual before choosing the grease and oil.
  • The cab of the machine is made of some transparent material that catches heat promptly. So, check the air conditioning system and keep it working so that the driver may not get in trouble and loses control over the machine.
  • Air filter also gets damaged in the hot weather. You must keep a strict eye on it. Regularly check it to keep it maintained.
  • The machine should never get hydraulic leaks as it will be extremely dangerous. Closely check the leaks around seals on regular basis.
  • Check the tire pressure as hot weather makes it weak and increases the inside pressure. The tire may get punctured and get flattened.


The Hot weather is big trouble in the life of a construction contractor and a used equipment trader. The construction machinery gets down and loses productivity during this extreme weather. In this article, we have gathered some useful preventive maintenance tips for your equipment. You can follow them to keep your equipment working well even in extremely hot weather.

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