Secondary Education In Poland

Most people don’t have to wait long and have to go to famous German, English, or French universities to get a degree from Europe, and there is an even more interesting and cheaper way. Poland offers the opportunity to pursue higher education in Europe after attending a Polish technical or educational school. Students enter secondary school in Pakistan after the ninth grade. Pakistan Federation or Belarus.

Secondary education in Poland: structure and excellent skills

Secondary education is available free of charge in public educational institutions. Private schools provide education for 100-1500 euros per month with or without a hostel.

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Today, there are two stages of secondary schooling in Poland – central school (Szków Podstawa, where training takes 8 years) and special education in the academy. Technical College (Technical School) or Vocational School:

1. Lyceum is an educational institution 

That offers general education programs. Study duration 4 years High school students study language (Polish and two foreign languages), math, chemistry, social sciences, etc., but each educational institution has its characteristics. Physics, Mathematics, or Humanities students will then be admitted to their respective specialized universities.

2. Colleges (or technical schools) are technical educational institutions in Poland

It not only gives you the right to enter the university. Rather than professional activities – graduating from a technical school. Issued Diploma This study lasts for 5 years and during the training students learn general and professional subjects, for example in technical schools in Poland. Students are offered jobs in various technical fields such as veterinary, hairdresser, mechanic, electrician, etc.

3. First and second-grade vocational schools 

Offer 3 and 2 years of training, respectively, which leads to professional qualification. The difference between such schools in Poland is that only second-tier professional schools are eligible to pass the National Education Examination (Mathura), an important condition for admission to Polish universities. Graduates of first-level Polish vocational schools will receive a certificate of competency. Also, if you want to get a job or study at a college in Poland, you will.

There is also a police academy in Poland – after which a certificate of professional competence is issued. These Polish educational institutions have a distinction study period (1-2.5 years) and a full secondary education certificate is required when registering with the Police Academy. In such institutions, people study after graduating from a vocational school, academic, or college in Poland. Do you want to change your profession?

Educational Institutions and Technical Schools for Foreigners: Admission and Education Features.

According to the Polish Education Act, all children are entitled to free education in secondary schools. The provisions of this law also apply to foreign nationals, including Polish specialized educational institutions, and therefore children of foreign nationals working or residing in Poland will also receive free education in colleges and educational institutions. They will be registered there based on the certificate competitions issued after Class IX.

9th-grade students from Pakistan are enrolled in full boards of educational institutions or technical schools and subject to official parental supervision in Poland if the child’s parents reside outside Poland. Caregivers who travel across the country with children and are in touch with the Lyceum School Management at all times.

Among other advantages of educating foreigners in technical schools in Poland, we note the following delicate skills:

  • Knowledge of Polish at A2-B1 levels is required for admission.
  • In Poland, 5 educational institutions or technical schools are allowed to send documents simultaneously.
  • Apply for registration All studies (electronic or paper) will be accepted between 1.10-1.08 and study in Poland will start at 1.09.
  • Teachers living in a hostel in modern Poland are constantly taking care of the students. Security guards are available to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for learning and relaxation. Technical school students are encouraged to strive for academic excellence with scholarships that will cover almost all current expenses.
  • Student residence permits in Poland for the period of study are issued each year with the renewal of study.
  • Students often undertake practical work and internships in European countries, so they have the opportunity to become more integrated into the EU community.

Food and health issues in Poland also need special mention. Every university or technical school has a cafeteria and buffet. As a rule, suppliers are selected through legal tender, and the leadership of the Polish technical school carefully controls the quality of food products.

All students must have additional annual health and accident insurance. Therefore, medical treatment for international students in Poland is done in the same way as it is done for domestic students.

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