Selin Sakarcan Talks About Toe Related Issues for Which a Podiatrist Should be Consulted

Fourteen of the 26 bones present in the feet can be found in the toes. The toe, particularly the big toe, helps people to keep their balance and walk properly. There are a lot of factors that can cause injuries or issues with the toe, starting from playing sports and running to stubbing the tope or dropping something on the feet. Wearing shoes that are too tight or lose may also cause toe issues.  There are a few diseases, like severe arthritis, that may cause toe problems and pain. Gout can also be another cause of toe pain. People facing any toe related issue must consult a podiatrist like Selin Sakarcan at once.

Pain in the toe can arise owing to injury or abnormalities in any of the structures of the toe, including the soft tissues, blood vessels, bones, nerves and skin. Toe pain is fairly common as the feet are constantly exposed to injury while moving around and taking part in athletic activities. Toe problems can also be accompanied by burning, numbness, warmth and other symptoms, along with pain. These issues can range from ingrown toenails and calluses to bunions and blisters.

Bunion basically is a large bump that develops when the big toe pushes against the adjacent toes. This forces the bone of the big toe to protrude due to the weak joint misalignment and makes the forefoot appear wider. At times, bunions can just be a bony spur on the side of the big toe. Most of the bunions do not go away on their own, and does get worse with time. People with flat feet are more likely to have bunions than others. These red, large bumps can be found on the side of the toe. The bunions may cause pain and irritation, and therefore it is better to consult an experienced podiatrist like Selin Sakarcan to manage this problem. 

Bunionette is another common toe related issue that is similar to bunions. It refers to bumps that develop outside of the foot, right at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone or little toe. This condition results in the little toe pressing against toe adjacent to it and curling under it, and may cause pain and irritation. Bunionette may even give rise to the formation of calluses on the sole of the foot. This condition is easy to diagnose as the worsening bone alignment is visually apparent. Nonsurgical treatments for it include padding, shoe modifications and certain medications.

Developing due to an imbalance in the ligaments, tendons or muscles meant to keep the toe straight, hammertoe is a deformity of the foot. It causes the toes to curl downward or bend, rather than pointing forward.  Hammertoes are prone to be painful as they lead to corns on the top of the toe, calluses on the ball of the foot or arthritis of the toe joints.

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