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Signs of Hornets Infestation and Ways to Get Rid of Them

Summers are well known for many creepy creatures that become uninvited guests in your home. From wasps to hornets, different pests can infest your home during summer. The dampness in the air and soil during summers is the main reason for their infestation. They infest your home to grow generations by building shelters in your homes.

Hornets are one of the most unwanted, hated, and dangerous pests to infest your home. You have to be careful of them and prevent yourself from their aggressive nature. They will never hesitate to sting you whenever they find you near their nests. They often attack in groups and will make you seriously ill upon stinging. Moreover, your swallowed skin will also take time to recover from their stings.

You cannot have them in your home for a single second. Therefore, you will have to deal with them as soon as possible. And for this, you need the best hornet control Surrey services.

However, before heading towards the ways to eliminate them, you must know if they are present in your home or not. In this post, you will get an account of their presence signs and ways to deal with them. 

Signs of Hornets Infestation in Your Home

See Them Flying in Your Area

The first sign of hornets infestation is that you will see them flying in your area frequently. They have to collect their food throughout the day and protect the eggs present in the womb. So they fly here and there the whole day. If you see them continuously moving in your home, it means they have settled there. 

See Them in the Yard

Your yard is somewhere they can find a moderate environment, desired dampness, and plenty of food. So they will often be found in your yard resting or collecting food from yard plants. Their frequent presence in your yard indicates their presence in your home. 

Viewing Their Nest

Hornets cannot live without a nest or womb in your home. If they have planned to live in your home, their first job will be building a nest. If you see their nest or womb in your home, it means your home has been infested with these scary flying insects. There are specific locations where you can find their nest. It is usually present in your attic or the corners. Your roof is the best location for them to build a nest. 

How to Get Rid of Hornets?

If you witness the above signs in your home, it means ants have infested your home. Now it’s time to take action against them to keep your home protected from them.


The first thing that you have to do is to inspect them. Inspect your whole home to find out their nesting locations or habitat inside your home. Pay special heed to the trees present outside your home as they are one of the prime locations for their nests. Moreover, also keep an eye on their entrance points as this is the place from where the whole thing started. 

Eliminate Their Nest

The next step is to eliminate their nest. Before doing so, make sure to cover every exposed part of your body, so you don’t get signed by them. Then you can use various methods to eliminate their nest. One thing is very clear that you can never reach their nest until they are present in it.

So, you first have to eliminate them. For that purpose, you can use anti-hornet sprays. Direct wasp and hornet killer spray will also do the job. Once they flew away, you had to remove and eliminate the womb.

Block Entrances

Once you get them eliminated from your home, the next step is to stop their comeback. If they get back inside again, your whole efforts will be useless. Therefore find out all the openings from where they can get inside your home and cover them. Maintain proper hygienic conditions as well.


Now you have the guide in your hand to identify the hornet infestation and ways to deal with it. However, you still may not want to mess with these dangerous species. Therefore, it’s better to call experts pest exterminators. They are equipped with all accessories to deal with hornets and an array of other pests.

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