Skiers in giant slaloms face heavy snow hampers.

At Winter Olympics, skiers struggle as real snowfalls.

Well, the Winter Olympics finally look like the real Beijing Winter Olympics.

On Sunday, real snow fell in Beijing for the first time since the Olympics began, feel of a real, giving the city the appearance and Winter Games. In the mountains, there was fresh snow as well, on artificial snow, where all events have been presented.

Up in the mountains, While the snow was mostly a welcome sight, it affected visibility; and made it tougher for ski racers to make it down the hill, especially the giant slalom, in the first run of the two-leg.

Switzerland’s Marco Odermatt handled the snow and poor visibility better than anyone else. In addition, he won his first Olympic gold medal.

Odermatt stated that in the second run, I risked everything because I wanted not just this Olympic medal eventually, I wanted; the precious gold medal. No doubt, it is difficult because you can lose everything but Greets today; it all paid off.

On Saturday, light snow fell, while on Sunday; it came down a lot harder during the Beijing Olympics, the first time it snowed during an Alpine race. By 1 hour and 15 minutes, the heavy snow forced the second run to be postponed. The workers cleared; snow from the course during the delay with snow blowers and shovels.

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