Some Useful Vocabulary for Writing an IELTS Graph Essay

Vocabulary for Writing an IELTS

When it comes to writing IELTS Task 1, 25% of your grades fall into the range of words you use. This means that the IELTS Graph Dictionary is a very important component to consider as you prepare for Writing Assignment 1. You can start by checking out this IELTS Writing Assignment 1 dictionary guide. In this article we focused on some useful vocabulary for writing an IELTS graph essay.

Below, I’ll give you an overview of the words and phrases to include in your writing to get a high score and a high score in the lexical resource category. Basically, the better your IELTS vocabulary for the higher your score. It’s not hard, but there’s a clear formula for good performance.

How to use IELTS Glossary to write Task 1

Because IELTS Writing Task 1 involves describing some type of chart or diagram, the IELTS Spreadsheet Dictionary helps you work with words and phrases that help you write information about a chart or chart.

Some Useful Vocabulary for Writing an IELTS Graph

1. Start with Introductory Phrases

Often, ESL students begin their essay with “Graph Shows …”. While this is good, the verb “show” can be replaced with a more interesting and high-level dictionary word. Here are suggestions to help you:

• The graph shows… trends.

• The graph shows information about changes…

• The graph shows the differences between….

• The graph shows how X has changed over time.

2. Add Appropriate Attachments

Envelopes help express the relationship of place, time, situation, style, cause, and degree, and can add a little colour and interest to your writing, as well as show your vocabulary. Unlike adjectives (which describe nouns), suffixes describe a verb or action.

  • Adverb: Approx
  • Meaning:  Almost, but not entirely clear; approx
  • Adverb: Dramatically
  • Meaning: fast and in large quantities
  • Erratically
  • In a way that makes sense uneven or chaotic
  • Adverb: Gradually
  • Meaning: With Slow Levels
  • A definite addition
  • The meaning is noticeable, noticeable

3. Use Appropriate Synonyms

Using different nouns and verbs for words like rise and fall again will help increase your overall score.

Use IELTS Graphics Dictionary in Model Essays

  • See an example of writing IELTS task 1 schedules on the British Council website. Below is my sample answer with helpful words written in bold:
  • The line diagrams show the trends in computer ownership with the next classification by level of education from 2002 to 2010.
  • It can be observed that a significant increase in the percentage of the population who have a computer has been observed over the past period. In 2002, only 58 percent of the population had a computer, but by 2010 the figure had grown steadily, with more than three-quarters of people owning a home computer.
  • A review of education level data shows that higher education corresponds to higher levels of computer ownership in those two years. In 2002, a significantly lower proportion of the population who did not graduate from high school had access to a computer, but by 2010 that figure had risen from 15 percent to 40 percent. There have also been dramatic increases (approximately 65% ​​and 85% in 2010) for those with a high school diploma or incomplete college education, accounting for about 30 per cent, respectively.
  • In summary, computer ownership at all levels of education has grown significantly over the last decade.

Other IELTS Graphic Dictionary Resources

Keep in mind that IELTS Writing Task 1 can include one of a variety of info graphic types: bar chart, pie chart, line chart, chart, and more. Regardless of the type, you want to study the IELTS Vocabulary well. Please join our IELTS coaching in Jaipur for improve with our useful vocabulary for writing an IELTS graph essay. If you have any doubt with IELTS you can consult with overseas education consultants.

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