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Text vs. Image vs. Video in Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are all about reaching your audience in the right way. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness or generate leads, text, image, and video all play an important role in getting your message across. And it’s not just about choosing one format over another; you need to understand how each component works best for your campaign goals. Buy Twitter likes to help you gain more social media presence online.   

If your goal is raising awareness, both text and image posts are tied for first place, with video in second.

Text posts have a higher chance of being noticed by your audience than images or videos—and they’re also more likely to be shared on social media. That’s because people tend to share content that is short, snappy and interesting. Images are more likely to appeal to those who prefer visual representations of information (as opposed to the written word), while videos attract those who prefer spoken words over written ones.

If your goal is getting followers to visit your website, text posts are first and image posts are second.

Text and image posts tied for first place: Text and image posts generate the most leads for businesses that have a lot of social media traffic. This can be attributed to the fact that people prefer text over images on their mobile devices, which means they’re more likely to click on links in a post if there’s more information contained within it in the form of words than visuals (images). Additionally, this helps with branding because it shows customers exactly what you offer before they have time to think about it further or research other options out there—especially since most consumer brands aren’t running campaigns where they’re trying promote themselves; instead they’re just trying give people an idea at first glance why would someone want one specific product over another one! So while many brands may spend hours creating amazing videos featuring their products/services etc., sometimes less is actually more when it comes down too branding efforts because they don’t necessarily need all those extra bells & whistles; just give me something simple yet impactful instead!

If your goal is lead generation, image posts are a clear winner over both text and video.

If your goal is lead generation, image posts are a clear winner over both text and video. In this case, the better way to go is with an image post. Text posts are second in line for social media campaigns and videos come in third. Image posts have always been king when it comes to converting visitors into leads because they provide more value than other types of content.

If your goal is brand recognition, remember that people recognize brands from videos twice as often as they do from images.

From a marketing standpoint, this makes sense: if you want more people to know about your business, then video is one of the most effective ways to do it. But from an anecdotal standpoint and in terms of brand awareness—which is what matters most—it also makes sense: if we can show people something in real time that they’re not likely to forget (like yourself), then we’re much more likely to create lasting impressions for our products or services.


Now that you understand the power of visuals in social media, it’s time to get creative. With more than 50 billion photos being uploaded every day and 90 percent of them shared on Instagram alone, there are limitless opportunities to drive traffic and build brand awareness with images! Whether you’re trying to get your message across or just want people talking about what they saw, incorporating visual elements into your posts will have an impact on how people perceive those images—and ultimately what they think about yours.

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