The Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation For Hair Loss 

Millions of people in the world face hair loss or alopecia. There are several hair restoration treatments made for this treatment. But the primary treatment is scalp micropigmentation hair restoration. This article will highlight several advantages of this treatment and the outcome after the procedure. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Restoration Treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation hair restoration is a process that includes dispositioning pigments into your scalp using microneedles. The hair loss treatment enables you to have a look of fuller and thicker hair with the look of smaller hair follicles.

Before the treatment, you will have to wash your scalp and hair. In the clinic, the doctor will mark the sites requiring treatment. Suppose you are bald. The artist will create a hairline based on your facial structure. You and the artist will then decide on the pigment that will match your hair color. The numbing cream will be applied to your scalp to make you comfortable during the treatment.

During the treatment, the provider will use tiny needles to put pigments on the desired areas of the scalp. The dots vary in size, angle, and depth to offer a natural hairlike look. The treatment might take up to five hours to complete. You might require three or more treatments to get the desired outcome. These need to be spaced weeks apart. Every treatment add more pigment to help generate the appearance of thicker hair.

Since the treatment does not involve any surgical process or anesthesia, you will go on with your daily activities immediately. You might experience some scalp redness that will last a few hours. If you want, you can wear a hat or scarf to cover the scalp.

What are the Advantages of Undergoing Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Restoration Treatment?

Other than being 100% safe and reliable, scalp micropigmentation has several benefits, which are;

Long Lasting Hair Loss Solution

Most hair restoration solutions and treatments like hair transplants will need follow-up sessions. A follow-up of 4 to 6 months is required to help keep the hair follicles in good condition. But SMP hair loss treatment can be used for up to three years without any follow-up, and the maintenance is less. When the pigments start to fade, you will need a restorative pigmentation.

No Extra Maintenance is Needed

Scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment uses a spot of ink to generate an illusion of thicker hair follicles. However, it does not involve the actual use of hair follicles. Because there is no natural hair on the scalp, you will not need any special maintenance appointments. You also need not buy expensive hair styling creams or any hair products. All you need to do is give your scalp a good wash and a little wax to generate a shine if preferred.

It Is Safe and Secure

Hair loss treatment is usually frowned upon and avoided by most people because they fear chemicals, surgical treatments, and their potential complications. SMP, however, does not involve using chemicals in any way. All you need for this treatment is an electric tattoo needle and a mild anesthetic to help prevent infections and eliminate the pain. The procedure will also not require incisions; therefore, there is no need for cutting or surgical tools.

It Is Economical

The treatment is relatively cheap because it does not involve surgery or surgical tools. Therefore, the number of practitioners will be reduced. It is also more affordable than hair transplants requiring post-operative medications and added care products for the immune system and the scalp. Scalp micropigmentation does not require any follow-ups.

Less Invasive

The scalp micropigmentation process is sometimes known as acupuncture for the scalp. The procedures tend to be quick and painless due to the high-level software and tools used. This is because the treatment does not break your skin. Instead, it works to integrate the pigmentations seamlessly with your skin tone using tiny needles.

The Procedure is Quick As Well As the Healing Period

The SMP hair treatment has little to no recovery time. This is because it is not an invasive treatment; therefore, there is no healing period. Only a few days are enough to complete the treatment. Every session will take a few hours to complete, and the outcome will be visible after the first session. It is almost painless and only takes a few sessions to get the outcome. you will not have any wounds to heal or stitches to change between the sessions. The only aftercare you will have is washing your scalp routinely.

A Realistic Appearance

If well-performed, scalp micropigmentation treatment will offer you an impression of fuller hair. It will give you a perfect replication of your hair texture, color, and skin tone. It also helps provide more density to thinning areas of your scalp and a receding hairline. This treatment’s outcome will also help cover the imperfections on the scalp, like scarring from incisions during other surgical procedures like hair transplants.

Provides a Youthful Look

Several myths are associated with hair loss. It is believed hair loss is associated with age. This typically affects your self-esteem as you might feel like people are staring at your bald spots and assume you are growing old. The SMP hair restoration treatment helps boost your self-confidence if you suffer from hair loss.


Scalp micropigmentation hair restoration treatment is not the same as hair transplants. The hair transplant methods use hair follicles taken from other parts of your scalp and implanted into the scalp through surgery. Scalp micropigmentation, on the other hand, does not require surgery to complete; instead, it uses microneedles to create an illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Many benefits come with this treatment. Above are among those benefits schedule a consultation session with an experienced practitioner and determine if you are an ideal candidate for this treatment. After the treatment, you will enjoy the above advantages. 

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