The Importance of Self-Love is explained by Teal Swan

It is always important to love others but that can only be possible when one can love oneself with the same intensity. For it is only when one has something can that person give the same thing to others. Thus, the first responsibility of every individual is to love themselves, emphasizes the spiritual teacher from the United States, Teal Swan. She specializes in helping people fight against depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendency through her inspiring and enlightening discourses as a touring speaker.

Ms. Swan had herself gone through horrid experiences in life that inspired her to help others out of their stupor. She reaches out to people through social media such as YouTube and also through print media as she authors several books on similar topics. She has a unique way of encouraging people and showing them what is their real self-worth.

‘How to love yourself is one of her best sellers, wherein she talks about how life can be treacherous while taking on a journey to start loving oneself. However, that she affirms should not be a reason for anyone to give up and stop loving oneself.

It is a rather unfortunate thing that in times when people everywhere are trying to make their presence felt all the time through Facebook, Instagram, and other digital platforms; a majority of the masses are suffering from acute depression and loneliness. It is no wonder that the queues for psychologists and psychiatrists are gradually increasing.

The obsession with trying to be as good as someone else often puts a lot of pressure on the individual in terms of self-confidence. Though everything may seem to be absolutely fine on the outside, Teal Swan would agree that many individuals’ reasons for the lack of self-love stem from a bad childhood that they might have had.

Spiritual healers such as her would certainly confirm that the inability of an individual to love themselves is the result of experiences that made them feel ashamed. In the book ‘Shadows before dawn,’ Ms. Teal reveals her devastating experiences of a bitter and horrid childhood. She, however, did not give up or give in and forged ahead until she found her way to self-love. Having experienced similar feelings of being hurt, lost, and powerless herself, she is completely able to relate with people going through them as well.

And because she did not accept defeat in the cruel hands of the society but stood up for herself, she endeavors to inspire any such individual that she can and show them how they too can find the light of the dawn at the end of the shadowy nights. It is for individuals like Teal Swan that many people, particularly youngsters have found their way back from self-hatred to self-love. They have gone back to thank this spiritual luminary for helping them see a direction in life.

Some things in life is not within the control of humans, but the right to decide whether to be happy or sad stays with the individual.

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