Things You Need to Do To Get Your Car Ready For a Rocky Road Trip

What comes to your mind when you hear of a rocky road trip? Bumps and flat tires? Well, all of us think the same. Since rocky roads are unusual and it’s common for a car to react differently. These days, many people are venturing out on road trips. However, if you’re visiting a hilly area, you’ll have to prepare your car before taking it out. We’ve got your back if you don’t know what to do. Below we have mentioned things to do to get your car ready:

  • Tires

Once underneath your vehicle, the tires become out of sight. You don’t know their condition until there’s a sudden burst. But, we recommend you not to let it happen. Their condition is essential for the success of your trip. Get the tires inspected before leaving. Have their pressure examined before you leave. Check if they require wheel alignment or not. Many times, wheel alignment helps the tires to withstand road friction easily. 

  • Oil Change

No, it’s not just about taking your car to the mechanic for an oil change. If you have overlooked oil change for a long time, it’s time to get it done. Oil change refreshes your vehicle for the better. If left unchanged, old oil will cause damage to your car. It will even cause rusting after some time. Get your car to the mechanic’s store so they check the oil. They will also recommend good quality oil to be used in the vehicle.

  • Battery

Battery lifespan has a strong role in your driving experience. Your battery should have impressive longevity. A typical battery will last up to 5 years. However, this doesn’t go for every brand out there. Some batteries will expire after 30 months. So it’s best to check your car’s battery before leaving. Ask the mechanic to check the battery. They will also recommend if it needs to be simply replaced or charged. Plus, clean the battery clamps, as rusting can cause damage. 

  • Cabin Air Filter

The air filter has to be cleaned to the fullest. The little filter is responsible for trapping contaminants. So you must ensure smooth airflow. If the inside of the car is polluted, it will be hard to have an exciting journey. Rocky roads can be hard to withstand, so it’s best to clean the cabin air filter. Signs like a musty smell and poor airflow indicate that you must clean it. But you’ll have to replace it if it’s in bad condition. 

  • Inspect for leaks and Noises

If you peek under your car and find a leak, take it to the mechanic. Leaks can be a major issue in the long run. You’ll run out of fuel every few hours. Plus, noise pollution inside the car will become a major issue. So we recommend you inspect the car for leaks timely. And if the noise is unbearable, it’s best to work with professionals. 

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