Three Most Common Online Tools Used By Students

Several online tools are available on the internet, and students use them. When students work on any assignment or research paper, they face issues or problems. For that reason, they use several online tools.

The majority of these tools are free and can be accessed anytime. However, there are a few tools that most students do not know how to use. In that case, students need to first go through all the steps and then use them. From Alphabetizer to word counters, every tool is available online. Let’s discuss the most common tools which students use online. In this article we’ll examine some of the best, focusing specifically on those that are designed for encouraging, enhancing, and managing learning.

  • Essay typer – Students sometimes get bored with writing. Sometimes they are even unable to write because they are too busy with other tasks. At this point, they use an essay typer tool.

The online essay typer tool will do the work for the students by writing essays and research papers. Then, the students will just put on a little information about the topic and subject. That’s it. They will be able to receive the solution within just a few minutes.

  • Resume builder – A resume is very important. While making a resume, students always need to follow a certain format. With the help of an online resume builder, students can easily make a resume.

You will just have to submit a little information regarding your education and experience. This tool will help you to make a top-quality resume. You can select the resume format, and the tool will deliver a resume following the format you chose.

  • Grammar checker– Students make several grammatical mistakes while working on their assignments or research papers. To rectify the grammatical mistakes, students use grammar checker tools.

After the students have finished writing, they just need to upload the solution in the grammar checker tool and wait. Then, the online grammar checker tool will rectify all the problems and deliver you an error-free paper.

  • Topic generator – Students sometimes run out of topics. That is the reason they use this tool. If you write one word by opening this tool, it will suggest several topics based on that word. This tool is very easy to use.


It is very common for students to face issues while working on a research paper. That is why they need to use these tools instead of buying a term paper. However, most of the students do not want to work on their assignments, which is why they hire experts or place orders with assignment writing companies.

Students do face issues while working on college writing papers, but if they always take help from online paper writing services, they will not be able to learn a single thing. It is thus suggested that you use all these tools and hire services when you are seriously helpless.

AUTHOR BIO: Alley John is an English professor at one of the most reputed institutions in the UK. He is also a part of, one of the UK’s top-ranked college paper essay writing services.

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