Watch headcam footage of Lucas Eguibar’s snowboard cross crash.

At full speed, snowboarder’s frightening footage captures pile-up from the helmet cam;

 In Beijing, during the men’s snowboard cross, Lucas Eguibar wore a helmet; camera small, final at the 2022 Winter Olympics, and following a crash, it provided breathtaking footage.

During his snowboard, Lucas Eguibar who is known as a Spanish rider crashed cross race at the Beijing Winter Olympics and on his helmet camera, caught the whole thing providing frightening results.

In a semi-final, the 28-year-old raced that included Canada’s Eliot Grondin, Alessandro Hammerle of Austria, and Merlin Surget of France to miss out on a medal race but finished last.

Among the unsuccessful competitors, later competing in the small; final to determine his ranking, Eguibar went up against as well as, Surget again, American Jake Vedder and Tommaso Leoni of Italy.

In a bid, wearing a helmet camera to show those what it looks like for the riders at home after he crashed, the footage had a different effect.

Up to a jump, with Surget leading and Vedder taking a wide; line coming, Leoni slipped directly in front of the unfortunate Eguibar onto his back.

The 28-year-old couldn’t avoid making contact with his fallen rival with his camera still live on the broadcast before bouncing off the back of Vedder. With the US rider somehow staying upright to chase down Surget before continuing the race, Eguibar did a full; 180 to finish in third.

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