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The excitement to get out, pack bags and be ready for adventure can truly add thrill to our lives. It is an experience worth taking risks for, making unforgettable memories. Few people have a long bucket list of places to go out for travel. As for others, travel might just be an impromptu plan to have a joyful leisure time. Different people have different preferences and as per that, all the bookings and planning needs to be done.

The most essential part is to plan well in advance. It helps us to avail a great deal, get packages and perfect bookings as per your itinerary. If it turns out to be a sudden plan, the internet can still help you to avail great deals. It all depends upon the kind of plan you need, the number of days and the place you want to visit. Prices and facilities can vary accordingly. Some people like to go for solo trips, exploring the interesting secrets of the world. A few like to go on such exploring journeys with their loved ones. No matter how you plan to go, treks have become a really popular adventure.


The wonderful sights, rich greenery, snowy mountains and marvelous scenic beauty bestows the best experience. Such treks vary as per their difficulty level. Hence, along with planning the itinerary, understanding the difficulty level, the must-carry items and other essentials are important. Safety is of the utmost concern. One such beautiful trek is the Kasol Kheerganga trek which instills in you the positivity of the fresh meadows and mesmerizing aura.

Weekend Getaway from Delhi- Kasol Kheerganga Trek Overview 

If you are looking out to plan a peaceful trek amid the Himalayan beauty away from the metropolitan of the busy Delhi life, Kasol Kheerganga trek is a perfect option. It welcomes you with great pine forests, hot springs, marvelous meadows on reaching the summit at around 10,000 feet. Cascading to the top, deep into the life of Parvati Valley, this unique trek combines the flavor of delicious Israeli food, the tranquility beside the Beas River and the splendid view of snow peaks. 

Holding a holy meaning, the place has a number of local tales including the thousand years of meditation by the son of Lord Shiva, Kartikey. There is a Shiva temple too along with breathtaking views of waterfalls and oak and pine trees. The places will leave you curious to learn and explore more about the Himalayan lifestyle. The camping, trekking, transportation and even meals are included in most packages.


When you are traveling from the national capital, Delhi, the starting point as per your package can be either Delhi or Kasol. The trek is easy to moderate and hence with some prior experience or even group, you are good to go. It is mostly a five day trek and here is how it’s planned.

Day 1

Traveling by bus or car the first night can be spent on the road. The actual journey starts the next day on reaching Bhuntar, the first destination.

Day 2

The camp site is mostly set in Kasol. Hence on reaching the beautiful destination surrounded by mountains, it is a sight to capture, looking forward to a wonderful journey.  From here a local transport can be taken to reach Kasol. On the way to Chalal, the beautiful lanes of Kasol are vibrantly filled with shops and Israeli cafes, giving a truly picturesque experience. 

Then returning back to Kasol campsite, a great dinner, dance and music by the bonfire will end the day for you.

Day 3

The confluence of Parvati and Tosh rivers, the trek starts from a small village near Kasol, Barshaini. Initially you will be stunned by the majestic beauty of Rudra Nag waterfall. As you keep moving, the Kalga and Pulga villages and the sparkling view of Parvati river keep you engrossed in the scenic beauty. 

Trekking for about 14kms, reaching the Parvati Kund, a relaxing dip can be taken going off to freshen up, eat and rest in your camp.

Day 4

The next day, the descending journey starts. As you wake up surrounded by the magical view, a steaming hot breakfast will truly serve your soul. Then a way back to Barshaini and then to Bhuntar via local transport will be on the list.

Then you can take your cab or bus back to Delhi, reaching the next day, bidding adieu to the peaks and promising another trip soon.

This way, The Kasol Kheerganga can be a great option for an extended weekend getaway from Delhi. Being a wonderful, short trip you will be able to capture a number of unforgettable memories.

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