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What Kinds of Services Are Provided at Arleta Urgent Care Clinic?

An urgent care facility is a part of the walk-in care network of medical institutions. These healthcare facilities function independently of a hospital or emergency room. Urgent care facilities often treat illnesses and injuries that can’t wait for a doctor to attend to them but aren’t severe enough to require emergency room care. Broken bones and fractures, X-ray imaging, physical examinations, and many more conditions are among the injuries and diseases that an urgent care facility may detect and treat. Affordable and shorter wait times than an emergency department are just a few advantages of using an urgent care facility. Let’s see what can be done at urgent care:

Minor injuries and burns

The Arleta urgent care center provides medical care for illnesses that are not life-threatening but call for prompt medical attention. Usually, minor wounds, fractures, and cuts are treated by urgent care in Los Angeles. The best action for a patient with serious burns is to visit an emergency department and receive specialist care. Minor burns can be treated at the Arleta urgent care center. Doctors at AUCFC often clean the burned area and apply antibiotic lotion to prevent infection.

Stretches and Sprains

Both sprains and strains have similar signs and symptoms. As a result, Wilmington urgent care clinic should be your first choice if you’re looking for a clinic to treat sprains and strains because it’s quick and gives quality medical care. They tend to patients in less than an hour, unlike hospital emergency departments that keep you waiting for hours. They have physicians and nurses that are highly qualified, experienced, and licensed to undertake tests and treat your sprains and strains.

Care for Children

Children beyond the age of two are more prone to injuries and other common illnesses. A pediatrician is an Arleta urgent care professional who often deals with children. Arleta Urgent Care in Los Angeles is available to help if you have an emergency medical situation with children. Their therapeutic areas were created with the mentality of children in mind. The Arleta urgent care family clinic treats everyone in your home except children. They have brand-new, cutting-edge medical technology, including X-ray machines, efficient lab test equipment, and a pharmacy. The team has years of expertise providing pediatric medical care and has earned the necessary training. 

Skin irritations or rashes

People can develop rashes for a variety of causes. The majority of skin rashes are mild and pose no health risk. There are other serious rashes that, if ignored, might develop into infections in the future. You should see Arleta urgent care for a correct diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Otitis Media

Ear infections and pain can have a variety of reasons. If you have young children at home, you must know that they can easily suffer from infections. Ear infections can also affect adults. Many individuals go to Arleta Urgent care clinics to get the necessary medical attention since treating unusual inflections might be difficult.

Acute Treatment For Adult And Child Illnesses And Injuries

Patients can seek medical attention at Arleta urgent care facilities for various serious illnesses or disorders brought on by bodily harm. We promise all of our patients a quicker post-operative recovery. There are issues you cannot get treated at home; hence, they need proper care. Urgent care can help you out with quick treatments from the experts. 

Flu Or Fever

A runny nose, sore throat, or congestion might lead to the onset of a cold or a cough. Because they typically seem the same, you might be unable to distinguish between cold and flu symptoms. But over time, flu symptoms often worsen. You must take your body temperature to distinguish between the two. You likely have the flu and not a cold if you have a high temperature. Suppose you have a cough, a persistent fever, headaches, or difficulties swallowing. You can always visit the urgent care center in Arleta if your symptoms worsen.

Slight asthma

Asthma can strike children and adults at any age, with symptoms that can be minor to severe. You should seek medical attention at the Arleta urgent care clinic as soon as possible if you have any of these symptoms and believe you may have asthma.

Animal Bites

Animals typically bite people on their arms, legs, or faces. Animal bites on your buttocks are possible, mainly if you are athletic. You need to be sure that your kid is at a safe distance when he is around animals. Also, tell him some quick first aid tips to follow if he gets bitten by any animal. 

Broken bones

You need to get medical help right once since both a fracture and a fractured bone are serious injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may rely on the Arleta urgent care facility to treat fractures and broken bones. While some bone fractures may heal independently with the right care and attention, others will necessitate surgery. If you notice that the injured site is swollen and extremely painful, you should immediately see Arleta urgent care.

Reactions to Allergens

Allergic responses can be unpleasant, inconvenient, and even fatal. Nobody enjoys going through an allergic reaction. You only need to contact our board-certified doctors at the Arleta urgent care clinic if you are in such a situation. They can help you with quick responses as they are experienced in the field. 


If you want to know what can be done at urgent care? Then there was all you needed to know. You might prefer to go to an Arleta urgent care facility for treatment over a hospital emergency room for several reasons. One is that the Arleta urgent care center provides time-sensitive care for various minor illnesses and injuries. Only in cases of immediate medical need will you be required to visit an emergency department for expert care. 

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