It has become increasingly popular to go on vacation by bus. It is considered more environmentally friendly than air travel, and in some countries, like over here, it is cheaper than taking the train. But buses are more prone to traffic jams and accidents. Especially if the trip takes longer and the driver gets tired.


Nevertheless, many bus companies have developed in recent years. The best example is Eurobus and Flixbus. They strive to provide comfortable travel at a reasonable price. Some still consider train travel more comfortable. Given the space you have and the duration of the trip. But especially in Western Europe, trains are too expensive for some people. Especially when it comes to last-minute travel.

Most of the time, younger people opt for the bus, even if it takes longer if it means they can save some money. 

If you are traveling with friends, it is easier to talk during the trip. You chat, enjoy the view, and are already making plans for the next few days. You get more excited and take a few photos of your group. 

But what do you do when you are alone? It is hard to entertain yourself. And reading for 10 hours does not seem like the perfect solution either. Of course, some buses offer Wi-Fi. So you can surf social media, text with friends, or watch your favorite show. Some even use the time to get some work done. 

But there are also bus rides that last longer than just 10 hours. In Canada, for example, there are trips that last longer than five days. And these buses do not have a bed like an overnight train. So you better get used to sleeping in strange positions. And do not forget your neck pillow. 

No matter how long the ride, always get off when the bus stops. Take your things with you, though. Try to walk a bit and get some fresh air. 

Your back will thank you for it. 

Do some stretching exercises, too. You will feel how good it does.


If you compare normal ticket prices, buses are usually cheaper. But train companies sometimes offer a compact ticket or a group ticket. Then it depends on where you are going and with whom you want to travel. So it is better to check all the options and then make a decision.

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