Why Choose a Custom Counter Display?

When you’re considering your options for a counter display, consider the following considerations. Cost-effectiveness, branding, and ergonomics are just a few. Custom Packs counter displays have virtually unlimited die-cutting and printing options. These ergonomically designed counter displays also have numerous finishing options, including gloss or matte lamination, UV gloss, embossing, and foiling. There are many reasons to choose a custom counter display, and this article will discuss some of the top ones.

In-store marketing

A custom counter display can be used to highlight the most important aspects of your product. The design should be attractive enough to attract the attention of people in the line while still providing convenience to your customers. Besides being highly accessible and convenient, a counter display can increase your brand awareness and sales. You can choose to create a display that will last for years, letting customers keep in mind the features of your product even when they are not in the store.

A well-designed, brand-relevant in-store display is a highly effective way to target new consumers. It attracts attention and inspires discovery and complements all other marketing channels. Yet, many brand owners underutilized retail displays, despite the benefits they provide. Ultimately, a properly leveraged counter display will pay for itself many times over. To reap the full benefits of a custom-made counter display, contact a leading retail counter display company today.


Custom counter displays are a great way to brand a product or service. A custom counter display is not the final sales unit package, but it may be the last impression of a potential customer before they make a purchase. Custom counter displays offer enough room for displaying products and describing them, while also offering space for printing content and directions. Whether you are looking for a single-sided custom counter display, a custom counter display will help you stand out from the competition.

Retail point-of-purchase displays can be designed to generate on-demand sales, increase sales, or promote special events. They can be free-standing aisle displays, end-of-counter displays, or dump-ins. Freestanding aisle displays feature signage adjacent to the products, while dump-ins are large bins with products displayed inside. These displays are a great way to generate impulse sales, drive traffic, and boost brand exposure.


When designing your counter display, consider the amount of space you have available and whether you need ergonomic designs. Ergonomic designs can make your associates more productive and reduce the likelihood of workplace-related injuries. Your counter display should be simple to set up and easy to maintain so that your associates don’t have to spend time assembling it. You should also consider the number of products you want to display, the volume of the products you want to display, and your marketing budget.


A custom counter display is a very powerful, compact way to showcase your products. Custom counter displays are not a final sales unit but are often the last impression a customer gets before making a purchase. Custom counter displays are flexible enough to accommodate different products, different printing content, and different directions for printing. Here are some tips to make your display as appealing as possible. Listed below are some of the top features to consider for the design of a custom counter display.

A counter display is the most effective way to capture the attention of passersby. Although people may not explore every aisle, they’ll always stop to look at a counter display. A colourful display can catch the eye of a customer in line for a product, or highlight a special promotion. When designing a counter display, remember to consider the location of your product as well as the layout. A counter display that’s easy to navigate will encourage more impulse purchases.

In order to increase brand awareness, countertop display boxes are a great way to show off your personality. By adding a brand logo or other brand images, you can showcase your brand’s success story and personality. A well-designed logo is inspirational and can inspire potential customers. With cardboard counter display boxes, you can customize the logo or graphics to create a memorable counter display box that promotes your brand. Your customers will love your brand!


The cost-effectiveness of custom counter display solutions depends on the design of the counter. Depending on the size of the counter, the box can be either modular or fixed. The latter will reduce the cost of shipping and storage of the counter display. Both types are useful for a variety of retail applications. But which one will be most cost-effective? Let’s examine some of the advantages of using a custom counter display.

One of the most significant benefits of counter displays is their portability. They can be easily stored and shipped and don’t take up valuable counter space. Additionally, they can be interactive, incorporating QR codes, touch screens, and more. Good retail displays can increase the value of a product and impact the bottom line. A custom counter display is a great option for enhancing brand awareness. Besides boosting sales, counter displays also serve as marketing materials.

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