Why Choose Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting India?


The hosting market is blowing up nowadays as you can see many people want to open their businesses online. Those who wish to start a hosting business can benefit from this. Generally hosting businesses costs too much as you provide the server space to the people but with resellers hosting it gets easy to start a business. Since you get the reseller hosting packages at a lower price that makes it easy to start a hosting business than to open a new hosting business. Therefore, Hostbillo is offerings its Best Linux Reseller Hosting India plans that are affordable and have great features. Without prior knowledge, you can still easily build a hosting business.

In this article, you will gonna know about Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting India, its features, and the benefits that are good to start a hosting business.

Hostbillo Linux Reseller Web Hosting India

Say you purchase the Reseller Linux Hosting India plans from a parent web hosting and you resell the server resources to your end customers. It is what reseller hosting does, you rent out the server resources like bandwidth, CPU, RAM, etc. and sell them to the interested people and make a good profit from the business. Linux Reseller Web Hosting India is a business model that lets you rent hosting plans, and then host third-party websites on the allocated server space. Since it is based on Linux OS then it means you have an open-source platform where you can smoothly run the applications and install too.

Most people use Linux technology to host their website because of the flexibility it offers. So to keep that in mind, Hostbillo is offering the Best Linux Reseller Hosting India plans that are affordable and help in earning amazing profits. Using your own company name, you can resell hosting services and rent out server space. As Hostbillo provides 100% white label services. Let’s get into the further section quickly to know more about what features it provides to increase the revenue from your business.

Hostbillo’s Amazing Features of Linux Reseller Hosting India to Start your Business

Linux Reseller Hosting India

Hostbillo provides you with the best reseller hosting services that can make a good profit from the business. These services or plans include some of the further features that a reseller needs to know about. Hence, let’s begin.

Great Customization and Control

In general, web developers and web designers are looking for customization options because their work involves editing and customizing the application. Therefore, Hostbillo offers its Best Linux Reseller Hosting Plans in India that comes with great customization. As they are based on Linux OS so you get admin access to the server that helps you in customizing the applications easily. In addition, you can create, suspend, and delete end customer control panel accounts through this tool. You can call this WHM(Web Host Manager) access that is a must option for resellers for their Linux Hosting India Business.


Thanks to the open sources platform that Linux provides, you can easily run the web applications on the server. As you may need to add some applications for your Reseller Linux Web Hosting India business. Due to Linux’s compatibility with every other application and software, Hostbillo provides Softacolous one-click installer with its Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India. With this, you will be able to install the applications easily.

WHMCS Billing System

Hostbillo offers you a complete solution for your Linux Reseller Hosting India business. As its plans include the WHMCS billing system which is very important for resellers. With its Best Linux Reseller Hosting India service you can easily manage the payment invoices of your end customer. As a business owner, it is crucial to monitor your clients’ payment processes. So, the WHMCS system will automatically track the billing procedure and terminate the service if your customer’s plan ends.

White Label Services

White label hosting services aren’t widely available, since they allow you to name your services after your name. Nevertheless, Hostbillo offers white label hosting solutions so you can legally add your brand name to the services. White label services help you to promote your business and this builds a strong presence for your hosting company. With Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting India, you can get these services as well.

How Much Does Hostbillo’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India Cost?

The Best Linux Reseller Hosting India services from Hostbillo are quite affordable compared to other companies. This package also includes all the above-written features and you will see how useful they will be for your hosting business. Generally, for India reseller hosting service its plans start at ₹700 which also involves features like maximum bandwidth, SSD storage, free SSL certificate, etc. Therefore, You can get its Web Hosting Services in India at an affordable price with the prime features. Look into the following image to know more about the pricing of the Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India plans.

Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India


Maybe now you have known about the features that hostbillo provides with its Best Linux Reseller Hosting India plans. Because of all these prime features, you should choose Hostbillo’s reseller services. As you buy the plans at a lower rate and resell them at a higher rate, you will be able to a higher price. This makes a huge profit in your hosting business and helps to promote your brand name.



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