Why has Instagram gone black?

Why has Instagram gone black?

The app’s default white background for the feed was unexpectedly changed to black. Even though Instagram claims the change would make the app more immersive, not everyone is sold on the idea. Some people claim that the new dark theme makes it more difficult to read the captions.

To make the site more engaging and user-friendly, Instagram is undertaking some significant changes.

The app’s wallpaper underwent a significant shift with the most recent update. Many users discovered that their accounts were now in dark mode.

Other improvements include making posts larger and changing their aspect ratio to 9:16. This was first suggested by CEO Adam Mosseri back in May in order to make the app more video-friendly.

We’re moving Instagram to a place where video plays a larger role in the overall user experience. Where content is more immersive and fills up more of the screen. And where recommendations make up a larger portion of the newsfeed — things we think you’ll love but may not have heard of yet.

We’re testing out taller photographs and taller movies in your feed. We know that the future of films and photos is mobile-first, 9:16 in length, and immersive.

What caused Instagram to go dark?

This week, after logging into Instagram, some users discovered that their backdrop had abruptly changed to black without them adjusting the settings. Typically, users have the option to set their backdrop color to black, or dark mode as it is commonly known.

The sudden change could be the result of the most recent update. In which the backdrop color of the app is determined by the settings on your phone. For certain users, this choice is accessible through the app’s settings.

For Instagram users who don’t have the “theme” choice but are still seeing a black background. It may be due to your device’s system preferences.

How do I make it change back?

You might be wondering how to go back to Instagram’s white backdrop if you don’t like the new design. Some users can now change their background from light mode to dark mode or vice versa. Through their Instagram account thanks to a recent upgrade.

Visit your profile to see if you have the update. Select “Settings” from the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Some users will notice the word “Theme” at the bottom of the menu. Which will open a new menu with the options “Light,” “Dark,” and “System default.”

The options are included in the app’s settings menu for Android users. Simply tap the three horizontal bars at the top of the screen after selecting your profile photo from the bottom of the screen.

You may choose between light and dark mode by clicking Settings and then Theme.

It becomes slightly more challenging if you’re using an iPhone. You should go to the main Settings app, scroll down to Display and Brightness, and change Instagram’s settings there because Instagram will probably duplicate your device’s settings.

You can choose between light and dark in the look menu, or you can set your iPhone to automatically change with the sun’s rising and setting.

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