6 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Consider Using ATS

ATS is not new; it’s been around since the 1990s. Throughout these years, every business has used this software, whether a marketing staffing agency Austin or a private organization. Unfortunately, in modern times, some startups have no idea what an ATS is and why it’s essential. As a result, they’re missing out on all the incredible benefits this software brings.   

6 Reasons Recruiters Should Use ATS in 2022

There are many short and long-term advantages of using an ATS as a recruiter. The following are the six most significant ones: 

#1. Saves Time 

An Applicant Tracking System saves a lot of time for employers and recruiters by automatically screening the applications based on the criterion provided. This way, it cuts down the total time of the recruitment cycle, making things much faster for both employers and employees.

#2. Easy And Simple to Use

The interface of a modern ATS is simple to understand and easy to navigate. Most people think it would be technical and complicated. In reality, one does not have to be tech-savvy to be able to use this software. In fact, experts say that the interface for these tools will soon become very similar to social media, making usage even more straightforward for admins and applicants. 

#3. Increases Efficiency 

Interview tools like scoreboards, scheduling, and video interviewing increase the effectiveness of the recruitment process. Since these tools are automated and digital, they’re much more efficient than manual ways. The latter takes more time and effort yet still has a higher chance of error and delay.

#4. Boosts Productivity 

ATS tools allow more than one job board, integrated templates for emails, collaborative hiring, sharing and commenting, and direct communication with candidates. Such simple and effective features make things easier for recruiters and job posters. As a result, it boosts their productivity. 

#5. Helps Make Quality Recruitments 

The automated process ensures higher chances of choosing someone who ticks all the boxes. The choice is dependent on the personalized criterion fed to the software. Hence the results are exactly what the employer asked for. This means that the selected candidate will have a higher chance of fitting in and being ideal for the job post. 

#6. Rejected Employees Get Matched for Other Positions 

Sometimes, employers come across a great applicant. While they’re not fit for the job post they applied for, they might be an ideal pick for another position. However, it’s not humanly possible for recruiters to identify that alternate position immediately or remember their resume for later opportunities; an ATS can do that. 

This software matches rejected employees with positions that might be more suitable for them. It prevents businesses from losing good employees and helps them grow with quality hires in every department.

#7. Improves Employee Monitoring

Candidates are often added to the team on probation, which helps determine whether they are competent in the particular work environment. Through this time, recruiters monitor their activity, productivity, and outcome. Doing this manually can be quite challenging, taking valuable time and energy away from the employer. 

Thanks to ATS, automatic and digital monitoring is now an option. It does automatic real-time documentation and record-keeping. Plus, the data is stored in cloud storage to ensure recruiters can access it anytime. Recruitment analytics and evaluation of a new hire’s overall performance help decide whether the candidate is fit to become a permanent employee.

#8. Enhances Applicant Experience

Today, workplaces and job markets have become more employee-centric. Therefore, it’s essential to make the work environment more suitable for employees. Similarly, recruiters must also make the job application process simple and easy for candidates, aka potential employees. ATS allows direct and clear communication with applicants through comments and texting.

Moreover, the process is straightforward and quick for the candidate, improving their experience with the business. The better their satisfaction levels, the more thrilled and enthusiastic they’ll be when joining the company. Plus, it also clearly indicates how professional the company is, driving more productivity out of them. 

#9. Maintains Brand and Employer Reputation 

Branded and professional websites make a good impression on applicants. Moreover, an employee-centric application process and quick hiring impress candidates. This seemingly small detail helps businesses and brands create a better reputation in the job market. As a result, they attract better talent. Since the quality of applications improves, the quality of hires also improves. This results in a stronger team and better growth and revenues in the long run. 


Mortgage recruiters, educational institutes, staffing agencies- everyone should use an ATS and take advantage of its features. It’s fast, efficient, and modern. But, more importantly, it is the need of the hour. Businesses today need technical help to cope with the rising demands and competition in every industry. Therefore, adding this software to their systems will ensure a smoother way of things and make life easier for them and their employees!

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