How to Choose a Car?: Tips For a Good Decision

What is the best criteria to know how to choose a car? This is a recurring question that we ask ourselves when thinking about our first vehicle or one that satisfies the desire -or need- for renewal.

As for many other questions in this life, there are no correct answers. It all depends on the type of use we want to give it, as well as the budget we have. The “luxuries” or extra elements associated with the models and the availability of spare parts of the brand that we have in mind will be other key factors.

In Compare we leave you some tips that can guide you better to know how to choose a car from We also show you various options to hire auto insurance that meets your expectations.

How to choose a car

The criterion of “good, nice and cheap” does not always apply to cars . It must start from the premise that a vehicle will always mean maintenance associated with the intensity and care that is taken. On the other hand, the repair or replacement of parts can get away from the expectation of economic savings that we had at the beginning.

Therefore, we recommend two basic points to know how to choose a car, which can be adjusted to your financial conditions and quality and design requirements.

Compare different makes and models

Comparing is always essential, even visiting more than one dealership of the same brand. This is one of the first actions you should take if you want to know how to choose a car. It works whether you want to renew or if you are looking to get your first vehicle.

Data from the National Automotive Association of UAE (ANAC) indicate that, between January and December 2021, the cumulative sales of passenger vehicles reached 415,581 units. The most commercialized light and medium vehicle brands were Suzuki, Toyota, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Chery.

Specifically, some of the best-selling models were the Sail, S-Presso, Versa, and Baleno Hb. As for the SUV category we can mention the Chery Tiggo 2, MG ZS and the Chevrolet Groove.

Meanwhile, automobiles manufactured in China (both with their own brands and with traditional ones) continue to gain strength in the UAE market. Here the price-equipment ratio has gained ground more than the trajectory and has also benefited from the increasing quality of the manufacturing parts.

Therefore, so that the purchase decision is as informed as possible, we recommend that you compare brands and go to the stores to ask about the advantages and disadvantages of each model that catches your attention.

Look at the equipment of your car

Basic car or full equipment? Here you must be very careful not to become obsessed with a specific car model because of its design. As The Little Prince says: what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Usually, the cars featured in ads at sale prices are the basic version of the car . When you go to see them, you realize that they do not include, for example, air conditioning. The crossroads you are going to find yourself with is: should I buy it without air conditioning and save $500,000?

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If your answer is yes and you live in UAE, I hope you do it in the summer. You will be able to corroborate with your five senses what it is to ride in a car with 32 degrees and without air conditioning. As much as you open all the windows of your new car, the heat in the UAE summer is, plain and simple: unbearable. Not to mention a full road trip with the windows open. It only works in movies .

Now, if we asked this same question to a compatriot from the south of UAE, perhaps he could save that money. There, days of high temperatures are very few and cold days can be tolerated with the heating system that all cars have by default.

What do we mean by this? That it is also very important to compare the technologies and equipment that your car brings. There are some very necessary and others not so much, it depends on your situation . However, there are some features that you should not miss out on.

A car should always have a good front and side airbag system in case of accidents. And if possible, a disintegration system, so that the impact is also cushioned in the event of a crash. Safety first.

We recommend that you choose a car that has the following essential equipment:

Head restraints on all seats.
Seat belts.
Rear window defogger.
Glasses that do not generate cuts.
Anti-flammable materials.
ISOFIX anchorage system for children.
ABS brakes.
With these two criteria, you will already be able to know how to choose a car and make a more conscientious decision about your next vehicle. Remember that there are requirements that must be met at the time of purchase , as well as other elements that must be checked in detail.

We also recommend you purchase auto insurance to drive with peace of mind. The repair of your car and that of the others involved in the event of an accident can result in a very high cost, but insurance allows you a series of assistance that will give you more confidence and support on the road.

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