Are you also expecting to move to sort through your belongings? Rest assured! You are not alone. Indeed, the approach of a move remains the best time to declutter your home. So you avoid packing and transporting things that you no longer use anyway.

To optimize your sorting, we offer a series of tips to prepare you to part with your unnecessary belongings and furniture in anticipation of a move.


As you will have understood, a move is an opportunity to take full advantage of the organizational level. The first is undeniably the fact of sorting through your belongings! Even if we suspect it is not one of the most pleasant activities to do on the weekend, that does not prevent it from remaining gratifying to know that we have kept only the essentials in our business.

Who says “essential” obviously implies that we get rid of: scratched CDs accumulated over time, much too old sheets, clothes that we no longer put on, old books at the bottom of the drawer, broken toys, furniture that is faulty or that won’t fit in the new house, etc.

Among the advantages of sorting before moving, we find:

•        The pleasure of arranging your belongings from the most useful to the most defective

Sorting through your belongings has the main purpose of determining which items deserve their place in your new home. For this, it is useful to go around your house and your garage in order to be able to identify the items that are still useful, the items to give to associations as well as the items to be thrown away permanently.

•        Achieve considerable space saving

Once you have embarked on your big pre-move sorting, you will quickly notice the space saved. Also, in addition to the fact that it is beneficial for the move to carry less stuff, it will also help free up space to accommodate new furniture, new decoration, and a new life!

•        Make big savings on your trip

We can’t say it enough, suitably sorted belongings will help you move much “lighter,” which at the same time will cost you a lot less. Indeed, if you have a smaller volume to move, you will spend less time there and save more money.

•        Make people happy by giving your objects a second life

Items you no longer use can make someone else happy. A neighbor, friend, family member, or association may be the future owners of your old objects. This approach is not only more generous than simply throwing them away, but it is also more respectful of the planet and the environment.


It often happens that we no longer know whether it is better to keep, throw away or give away an old thing. To deal with this situation, it is better to plan several sorting weekends before the big move date.

Also, it is important to classify your objects in order of priority from the most useful to the most defective, not very useful, or put aside for too long.

•        Items you put in the basement, attic, storage room, and garage

The belongings you store in these storage spaces are objects that are little or no longer used. It is, therefore, appropriate to set aside only what is strictly necessary and eliminate what is broken, damaged, or outdated. As for seasonal items, you can just store them in boxes to take them out more easily when the time comes (Christmas decorations, ski items, Halloween decorations). Properly cover other things like extra mattresses and rugs with protective covers like in a mattress and rug storage bag before storing them. You can buy these protective coverings or other protective packaging material you need in the future from Britwrap.

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