Some Of The Top Journals To Publish Dissertation Free

Nowadays, it is easier to publish dissertation free of cost due to a proliferation of a number of open-access journals. You can publish your dissertation for free in some of the top journals that everyone can access and download. This article will tell you about some of the top journals to publish dissertation free.

What are some of the top journals to publish dissertation free?

Publish Dissertation Free

IJAR (International Journal of Advanced Research

IJAR (International Journal of Advanced Research) is an Open Access Journal. It is a global platform to publish dissertation free. Students can publish easily publish their M.Phil and PhD dissertations for free. IJAR is a platform for researchers to demonstrate their research skills globally and add value to the scholarly literature. The authors retain complete ownership of their published work and have exclusive rights to sell and disseminate the copies of their dissertation. This is the most trusted journal and is recommended by top and cheap dissertation writing services UK.

IJAR publishes the dissertation of researchers and creates a separate link of the researcher’s profile and dissertation on their website. Authors can edit the information on their profiles. The published dissertation is available for everyone, and anybody with the link can download or read the dissertation online. Researchers can also access your published dissertation via Google Scholar. You will have to fill out an online form to publish the dissertation free and email the thesis to [email protected]. You will have to specify the “Thesis Publication” in the publication title of the email.

Noble Research

Noble research is an open-access publisher that allows you to publish dissertation free. You can publish your Master’s and PhD dissertation online. Your dissertation will be accessible to people online, and anyone can read or download it. However, you will have the copyright claims and author’s rights over your dissertation. Once you finalise your thesis, you can complete the online form and email your dissertation in pdf format to [email protected].

Addaiyan International Publishers

Addaiyan Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences provides researchers with a platform to publish dissertation free. It is a popular and trustworthy platform for making your research visible and accessible to a large audience. You can publish your dissertation online as a part of open-access literature for the scholarly community in your field and other fields. Scholars and researchers can read or download your dissertation and benefit from your research findings. There is nothing to worry about intellectual theft because the author retains complete ownership of the dissertation. You can email them at [email protected] to acquire further information regarding dissertation publication.

Researchers can access your research paper via Google Scholar. It gives more coverage to your dissertation, and more people can access it online. You can send your completed dissertation to Addaiyain publishers in pdf format. There is no limitation on-page or size. Addaiyain publishers require a consent form if your dissertation is already published on any other journal or website. You will also have to include an ethical statement along with the dissertation file. The review panel evaluates the quality of your research, and after double-checking everything, they publish your dissertation. There is no publication fee, but they charge a minute amount of processing fee from the authors who want to publish dissertation free.


You can publish dissertation free at GRIN. The platform provides a platform to researchers to showcase their research online to a global audience. People can read and download your dissertation from GRIN, and you will have the ownership rights of your dissertation. Researchers will be able to access your dissertation from major scholarly databases such as google scholar. You can sign up on their website and upload your dissertation in pdf format.


Agris is an open-access journal for publishing dissertations online for free. Agricultural researchers can submit their dissertations online to Agris and publish them. It is a popular platform to showcase your research and share the research with a global audience. Researchers can access your research, read it and download it from the open-access journal website.

Best of Science

Best of Science is an open-access journal for publishing research in science. You can submit your dissertation and publish dissertation free. The open-access journal publishes dissertations in natural sciences, technologies, biological, medical, and human sciences. Authors only have to pay the processing fee, but there are no subscription or publication charges. Best of science publishes the dissertations one week after they receive them. Anyone can access the journal for free and read or download it, but the author has complete ownership of the dissertation.

Bioline International

Bioline is a reputable open-access journal to publish dissertations for free. It is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to contribute to the growth of academic knowledge. It provides a platform for academic researchers to share and disseminate their research globally. Bioline international especially caters to the needs of authors from developing countries. It aims to lessen the knowledge gap and inequalities that exist in academia. Researchers can publish their dissertations in the following subject areas:

  • Tropical Medicine
  • Infectious diseases
  • Epidemiology
  • Emerging new diseases
  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental Sciences
  • International Development

Electronic Journal of biotechnology

The electronic journal of biotechnology is an open-access journal to publish dissertation free. Researchers can get their dissertations published on the electronic journal platform. The journal especially caters to scientific research in biotechnology. The subject areas covered by the journal are the following:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Biological Sciences and Chemistry
  • Environmental aspects and ecology
  • Policy matters and ethical concerns in biotechnology

The electronic journal ensures that your research is accessible to a large audience. You will have complete ownership of your research, and others can read it or download it for free.


You can publish dissertation free in the above-mentioned open-access journals. Dissemination of knowledge is crucial for the growth of academia. These open-access journals provide a platform to young researchers to showcase their research. Researchers can publish their dissertations for free on these platforms and add value to the scholarly literature. Authors have complete ownership of their dissertations and can even remove them from the website if they want to.

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