How to QuickBooks Download on your Laptop/PC

QuickBooks downloads as most of us know is one of the best accounting software for your small businesses. One can use it to manage sales, expenditure, employee payroll, transaction anything you need to streamline your business and keep everything organized for better functioning of all the daily transaction.

Inventory, payroll, vendor, and invoice management are some of the features of the software. It even allows you to operate from remote places. It enables you to grant access to other users so they can work on it easily. Online invoice create and send from any device

Once you know all the things you can do with the help QuickBooks software you really you would be dying to try it out on your Laptop/PC.

Don’t worry in this post we will take you through the whole process of QuickBooks downloads.

QuickBooks Downloads

The first and most basic step to QuickBooks downloads is to purchase your license through official QuickBooks website.

Go to Help section in QuickBooks and from there you will see a option to Buy Additional User License click on it.

The page that appears allows you to purchase additional licenses so that you can download QuickBooks. If you want to contact Intuit via phone, you will be provided a phone number. If you choose the online option, a new page will open allowing you to select the amount of licenses you want to purchase.

Once done with this step we can move to the step where you will be able to Download QuickBooks.

1. From the downloads section download the QuickBooks executable file.

2. After downloading the file and run it on your PC/Laptop and follow the onscreen instruction.

3. On asking enter the product license number and click on next.

4. Open the QuickBooks application to activate it.

5. Select Activate QuickBooks Desktop from the Help menu.

6. To validate your information, follow the procedures on the screen.

After you are done with this step the next most important step is to setup the QuickBooks for first time use.

we will try to summarise this into few small steps so read them carefully and follow exactly for better QuickBooks experience.

Setup QuickBooks

This section will take you through the steps required to setup and get your QuickBooks ready after QuickBooks download has been completed. Some important step given below.

1. Enter information about your company

After logging in, you should establish your company preferences to help you go forward with QuickBooks.

On the company tab, select preferences, and then go to “edit company detail section” and from here on you can edit the information as they are.

2. Linking bank accounts

In the banking tab, you will find the option to automatically sync your bank account with QuickBooks.

In the next step you will be asked to enter required bank details. Enter the information that has asked.

3. Import your company contacts to QuickBooks

In QuickBooks you can easily transfer your contact so that you don’t face in problem in between your operations.

Select ‘Customers or Vendors’ from the ‘Company > More> Import Data’.

‘Customer and vendor data’ can be uploaded in the form of a ‘Excel or CSV file.’ QuickBooks will automatically extract data after the file is imported.

By following all of the above-mentioned steps, you can quickly become an effortlessly set up and download QuickBooks desktop for the first time. Our QuickBooks Support representatives will quickly assist you with installing, updating, or troubleshooting your QuickBooks software.

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