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A pleasantly efficient workout in your own private pool

Swimming is a near-perfect workout. All muscle groups are used rhythmically. You build strength and endurance – without signs of wear and tear and excessive or one-sided loads. Swimming strengthens the heart, stimulates circulation, strengthens muscles and burns calories. If you diversify your training with walking, jogging and swimming in the Endless Pool, you will achieve an effective and particularly refreshing, pleasant full-body workout with lifeguard Course.

An endless pool offers the ultimate swimming experience. Because you swim in place and don’t have to make turns, your swim training is 20 to 30% more effective. The benefits for your fitness are unique!

The convenience of your own pool means you can swim when your schedule allows. No traffic jams on the way to the leisure center, no entrance fee, no overcrowded lanes. Swim on your own schedule. Imagine how nice it would be to swim for 20 minutes as part of your morning routine, or to be able to swim in peace and quiet in the evening. An endless pool makes this possible!

Equip your Endless Pool with our underwater mirror to monitor your swimming technique and correct it while you swim. With the optionally available SwiMP3 player, you can listen to your favorite music while swimming.

The Endless Pool has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life, health and well-being by making swimming a part of their lives. Even after ten years, 90% of Endless Pool owners still use their pool every week!

Fitness in the pool: More than just swimming

The lightness of being: For Michael Hahn, these four words best reflect the sensations of diving into the water. Hahn is a former German swimming champion and author and explains the advantages of aqua fitness in the following interview.

SWIMMING POOL+SAUNA: Mr. Hahn, as a former German champion and enthusiastic swimmer. You can certainly tell our readers and all pool owners why exercise in the water is so good.

Michael Hahn: Not only my regular swimming training, but above all my daily aqua fitness unit in the swimming pool brings me the ideal balance to sitting in the office or to my teaching units in the lecture hall, sports hall or swimming pool. After exercising in the water, I feel pleasantly exhausted, but never overworked.

S+S: Why is water the ideal element to keep the body fit and is it suitable for everyone?

Hahn: The buoyancy of the water protects the musculoskeletal system, especially the joints, and therefore makes the medium of water the ideal sports field for people with a heavy build, with injuries and also for pregnant women. The water pressure helps to strengthen the respiratory muscles, the water resistance harmonises the movement sequences and last but not least the cold stimulus stimulates the immune system at water temperatures below 28 degrees Celsius.

S+S: There are different forms of aqua fitness that you outline in your book. Tell us the most important exercises and what effect they have on the individual parts of the body.

Hahn: My favorite exercises for the legs are the rocking and pendulum movements in all possible variations. The rocking movements train both the front and back of the legs extremely effectively. While the pendulum movements train the inside and outside of the legs. And by the way, these exercises ensure a firm bottom. For arm training I like to use aqua fitness gloves to increase the resistance. With long arms and hands spread wide, I then simulate exercises from the weight room and actually save myself the dumbbell training on land. Since I rarely do the exercises in isolation, but as full-body exercises, the back, abdominal and core muscles don’t miss out during the workout.

S+S: What basic medical knowledge did you have to acquire for this?

Hahn: In my function as head of swimming at the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences at the Technical University of Munich, I am in close contact with the relevant departments in the house, in particular with the Center for Prevention and Sports Medicine headed by Professor Halle from the Klinikum Rechts der Isar in Munich.

S+S: Can you advise people to set up their own training program in the water. For example to reduce back problems or to develop endurance and strength?

Hahn: That depends somewhat on personal knowledge in the fields of training science and sports medicine. If you are trained here or at least well read, you can put together a suitable workout without any problems. I also recommend

a few “tutoring lessons” in aqua fitness groups and paying close attention there: Feeling the right water pressure on the limbs for effective training requires a certain amount of practice and getting used to.

S+S: What long-term course of action would you recommend for someone new to a pool with the intention of building fitness from the ground up?

Hahn: First of all: don’t worry, you really can’t go wrong! First increase the load duration of the exercises in order to increase the intensity after a few weeks. To avoid overloading yourself, alternate exercises for each muscle group—first arms, then legs, then abs, then back, and then front again—or work in combination exercises. As an aid I recommend the pool noodle, aqua fitness gloves and for aqua jogging in deep water – the water should reach you at least up to your nose – a life belt.

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